[Jul 1] Call For Proposals: Creativity + Technology = Enterprise

Harvestworks in partnership with The Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation (ITAC) provides an opportunity for artists to create new works of art, further develop their creative tool set, and benefit from the advisory and professional services of ITAC to reach a marketplace looking for innovative approaches to new technology. Fifteen New York State artist/technician teams will be awarded up to $5000 (dependent upon funding) to produce, document, and present a new artwork. Women and minority teams are encouraged to apply. Continue reading

[Jun 27-29] Meridian7: Intercept Tone/Vacant Level Surround Installation

Meridian7 presents Intercept Tone/Vacant Level, a multi-channel audio installation inspired by archival recordings of the electromagnetic terrain that captivated early telephone network explorers. As an AIR at Harvestworks, Meridian7 completed three instruments that bring obsolete telephone equipment back to a life of patching audio signals. The piece explores the sonic terrain of analog switching networks punctuated with rhythmic signal pulses, crosstalk, static, messages between the wires. Continue reading

[Jun 26] New Perspectives on Sound Art

An evening of presentations by curators, technicians and critics followed by a discussion and an open session of Q&A., Discussion moderated by Carol Parkinson with presentations by the following experts in the field, Stephan Moore, Xiaoying Juliette Yuan, Andrew Horwitz and Paul Geluso. We will also show a preview of the Intercept Tone/Vacant Level installation by Meridian7 aka Lori Napoleon. Continue reading

[Jun 25 – July 13] Online Class: Introduction to Max/MSP and Jitter

Participants in this 2+ week ONLINE workshop will be introduced to the mystic and inspiring world of our favorite art coding software: Max/MSP/Jitter. Lessons will be administered through a series of pre-recorded video tutorials which students will be able to download and keep for future reference. The Instructor will also be available during the weeks to answer questions and help guiding personal projects. Continue reading