[Oct. 9] Mari Kimura: Eigenspace

“Eigenspace” a composition for Augmented Violin (IRCAM) and multi-channel diffusion commissioned by Harvestworks. Taken from “eigenvalue”, a mathematical function used in analyzing the bowing movement, in “Eigenspace” Kimura’s musical expression is extracted by the bowing motion sensor technology, interacting with image and sounds in realtime. She will also perform her… Continue reading

[Oct. 9 & 10] Angie Eng: Liminal

Liminal is a multimedia performance that continues the tradition of visual music by combining new inventive tools such as the VideoBass, French avant garde experimental cinema tricks and customized music/video software (Max, Jitter, VDMX and Module 8). This collaboration of music and video crosses genres: experimental jazz, neo-abstract expressionism, puppetry… Continue reading