[Oct. 8 – 9] Cancelled:Connecting Things with MAX/MSP/Jitter

Do you have a project that you want to produce using intermedia features? Ideally it does make use of lights, videos, sounds or sensors and you don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you heard about Max/MSP and want to dig it a little further? No worries! Come to our immersive 2-day Max workshop. Learn the new tools you need to take your artwork one step further!

@ Harvestworks

10/ 8 and 10/ 9 2015

Cost: $175/$157 Members     Time:  5:30-8:30pm

REGISTER HERE:  Not Available and Will be Rescheduled

Back in the day it was really hard to use different tools in our artwork. Pricy equipment and several bulky hardware were needed. Light and sound mixing consoles, big cameras and speakers and wires, a lot of wires… Now with the world gone digital, things got smaller and cheaper. Do you want to use wireless camera for a project? Use your phone. Do you need change the color of your light while some sensor is capturing motion around the space? LEDs and arduino might do the trick. Do you have this idea of having a projection mapped object but your HDMI or VGA cable is too short? … you’ve got the idea. Our imagination can run wild and create new and exciting things with a single laptop and some gadgets. But software-wise it can turn out to be very complicated. Coding is great but when you work with so many different things Max/MSP/Jitter and Mira can be very powerful and help you realize your ideas in a pleasant and practical way.

In our workshop we will:

  • Learn the basics of Max to get the ball rolling
  • Learn how to integrate wireless camera, dimming and changing colors of lighting fixtures, use multichannel audio, microphones, basic projection mapping, arduino and some basic sensors
  • Have feedback on the feasibility regarding your own project from an expert with more than 10 years of experience directing and creating digital solutions for a number of intermedia shows

I cannot promise you’ll be a Max expert after the workshop, but I can guarantee you one thing: you will have a good notion on which path to take however might be your approach regarding your creative ideas and digital technology.

Let’s have fun and be bold!


  • BIOS :

A contemporary intermedia artist, Daniel Belquer works internationally to blur the temporal frontiers once bounding classic artistic genres from emerging technologies, deftly reinventing the steampunk label as a term applicable to a more diverse and mature array of new media. Daniel has worked as a Max/MSP programmer, a light, video, and sound designer and technician, a composer, a teacher, a director, and an artist. Wearing several hats has kept him engaged in the technical as well as artistic aspects of his installations and theatrical works, incorporating the DIY spirit into his work ethos as well as his aesthetic engineering. Daniel has collaborated with various other artists both professionally and academically, and he has reached even more growing artists through his teaching. Since 1999, he has assisted over 2,000 students in programming and design workshops. Based for (how many?) years in Rio de Janeiro, Daniel operated his own video and intermedia production company, working for several large Brazilian corporations such as Rock In Rio, Rede D’Or, the city’s Department of Culture, Concremat, CCSA, and CEG, among others. Since 2014, upon relocating from Rio to New York City, Daniel has worked with Harvestworks as an independent contractor, technician, and teacher. He has presented his exhibitions across Brazil, Germany, and most recently, New York. A few of the more notable venues that have supported his work are the SESC Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro), Condominio Cultural (São Paulo), FIART (Brasilia), Agora Arts Center (Berlin), and NYC-based Harvestworks, 3 Legged Dog Media + Theater Group / Art & Technology Center, The Dark Circuits Festival, Emily Harvey Gallery, Parsons School of Design, and Transfer Gallery. His research continues to focus on the relationship between machine and metaphysics, questioning the connections between conscience, reality, and social conventions.

Past Interviews

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