[Dec. 20] Activating Electro-Magnetic Life Forms by David Simons

A demonstration, talk and performance by David Simons and his new work in progress, commissioned by Harvestworks and the NY State Council on the Arts. This interactive music and multimedia presentation uses Theremin, Webcam and voice to activate and trigger a variety of projected images, audio samples and sound processes. Keyboardist Denman Maroney and vocalist Lisa Karrer will perform excerpts from Simons “Lishtan Statement” which purports to be a communication from another planet. Other works explore this idea of extra-dimensional life forms that co-inhabit our own and can be activated through digital art. Software Defined Radio (SDR) will be introduced, pointing to future work in motion controlled media.  An episode of “Outer Limits” has become source material and some of the text is triggered by movement.

Date: Wednesday December 20, 2017

Time: 7-8 pm.

596 Broadway Suite 602 New York NY 10012
Phone: 212-431-1130 Subway: F/M/D/B Broadway/Lafayette, R to Prince, #6 to Bleecker

Photo by Tatiana Kronberg


1. The Lishtan Statement, paragraphs 2 & 3 with Lisa Karrer- voice; Denman Maroney – keyboard

2. Kaleido – D. Simons, webcam & percussion 

3. Spiritual Ecstacy – D.Simons – Theremin spacially triggering audio samples, with video created by Lisa Karrer

4. Do My Brain Waves Go On? – movement activated re-imagining of an Outer Limits episode, served with Pizzicato Salad.  Danced by Alexandra Berger.

5. SDR demonstration, Software Defined Radio via Estonia and Pennsylania – D.Simons

david simons at BYOProjector,  InnaGadda Detective, Occupational Therapy and other works: 



 “Simons is redefining what most of us consider a musical experience” – Jay Hartwell, Honolulu Advertiser Jan ‘85

“David Simons is a master in the area of combining Theremin with modern sampler technique, capable of creatively growing entirely new species of musical organization” -Kultur-Anzeiger, St.Johan, Austria, Dec ‘98

“David Simons artfully composes a live score with strange percussion instruments, some of which he made . . . utterly remarkable and fascinating to watch.” -Elodie Lauten, Sequenza 21, Nov 2008




Lisa Karrer – voice and video

Denman Maroney – keyboards

Alexandra Berger – dancer

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