[Feb 27] Foreign Correspondence 005

Foreign Correspondence is an audio/visual series focused on international contemporary video art, including film, video synthesis and expanded cinema. Episodes premiere on Manhattan public access Channel 4 and via Harvestworks’ livestream, where each episode is archived and available for later viewing. 

Sunday, February 27th 2022 11PM

Simultaneous New York area broadcast on public access Channel 4, Spectrum 67, FIOS 36, RCN 85

About the artists:

Video Still by Dylan A. Marcheschi

Dylan A. Marcheschi is a New York based multidisciplinary artist working across a range of audio/visual arts, including psychoacoustics and expanded cinema. His video work is focused on audio-reactive generative feedback systems of just intonation and microtonal harmonic drones. He studied history and art at Columbia University and completed his MFA at Hunter College. He teaches Film and New Media at the City University of New York, and currently hosts the long-running Afternoon New Music show on WKCR. His work is supported by the Brooklyn Arts Council and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and has been presented by the American Composers Forum and New Music USA.

Video Still by Jenn Grossman

Jenn Grossman is a sound/experiential media artist based in Brooklyn. Her work is concerned with the psycho-spatial potentials of sensory media, exploring displaced realities, staged synchronicity, cyclical time, memory, disorientation, embodiment, and perceptual affect, giving voice to an organic presence within the technical. Her work has taken the form of sound sculpture, audiovisual installation/performance, video collage/installation, light events, public interventions, and spatial audio compositions. 
Dark Forest//Invincible Summer is a video/sound collage and audiovisual meditation that explores the act of sensing as being, through the deconstruction and re-assemblance of sensory media artifacts in a digital/liminal space, weaving between natural and internal worlds, the conscious and subconscious.


Video Still by Benton C Bainbridge

Benton C Bainbridge NNeng-M: Sleep or Sweat, 1999 Sleep or Sweat is a live video performance by NNeng-M (Benton C Bainbridge, Molly Kittle, Brian Moran, Nancy Meli Walker) at Experimental Television Center in Summer, 1999. Multiple black and white cameras were tinted and layered with the Jones Colorizer. LFOs control the compositing and music. Remastered in 2021 from Standard Definition .dv to UHD © 1999/2021 Benton C Bainbridge, Molly Kittle, Brian Moran, Nancy Meli Walker http://nneng.com

Video Still by Niki Tiainen

Niko Tiainen is a multidisciplinary artist from Finland focused on new media, conceptual art, projection mapping, sound and video art installations. Memory Of Us is a non-linear generative piece which tries to represent artistically how people who suffer from memory disease and depression remember sounds and images from their past. For creating this piece Tiainen extracted audio from old home videos and used it for the dataset for AI training with Tensorflow, PureData to generate the sounds, and Touchdesigner to create a data visualizer and interaction system for the sounds and video. The video reacts with the sound and the sound reacts with the images captured from the video.

Video Still by Jim Tuite

Jim Tuite has performed live visuals for various musical acts in the NY, NJ, Philadelphia, and the DC vicinity with an emphasis on metaphor and creative association. As a live visualist he has supplemented various musical performances including those by: Acid Mothers Temple, Urban Shaman Attack, David First, Rhys Chatham, Martin Bisi, Pas Musique, JOHN 3:16, Rasplyn, Ami Yamasaki, Searmanas, Thomas Watkins, Elska, Plan 23, Richard Lainhart, Bloater, The Jazzfakers, Oneida, Okestura, rootless, Bonnie Kane and Mario-Enrique Paoli among others. Jim Tuite holds an MFA degree from School of Visual Arts and BFA degree from Tyler School of Art. Figure It Out is a track from the album Can You Hear Me available on Alrealon Musique. Music by Dan Gitlin.

Video Still Hans Tammen

Hans Tammen likes to set sounds in motion, and then sit back to watch the movements unfold. Using textures, timbre and dynamics as primary elements, his music is continuously shifting, with different layers floating into the foreground while others disappear. “Proprioception (Body Awareness 2017)” is an assemblage of historic imagery, 70’s experimental video practices, and modern-day chaotic audio procedures. John Heartfield was a pioneer using collage and photomontage as a means to fight militarism and fascism in Europe. The work juxtaposes two camera streams pointing to Heartfield’s imagery and to crosshairs from an analog videoscope, using video processing equipment built in the 1970’s – a technology that was made to facilitate alternative, experimental and open practices. The processing in turn is controlled by audio from a modern-day synthesizer using chaotic procedures. Special thanks to Signal Culture for access to their equipment.

Series produced by Dylan A. Marcheschi

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