[FROM OUR ARCHIVE] Excerpt from Messages : TELLUS the audio cassette magazine #3

Published by TELLUS, the Audio Cassette Magazine in 1984, this cut, Excerpts from Messages by Isaac Jackson was edited by Joseph Nechvatal. Isaac Jackson hosted a live radio program on WBAI-FM. This program was aired on September 20, 1982, guests and music include A-One, Toxic, Chuck Arbitrator Koor, Jean Michel Basquiat, Rammell-zee.

Cover from the cassette insert

TELLUS the Audio Cassette Magazine was created in 1983 at the Rum Runner Bar on Canal Street in New York City. Joseph Nechvatal, a visual artist, Claudia Gould, a curator and Carol Parkinson, a composer and staff member of Harvestworks/Studio PASS met to discuss the idea of a magazine on cassette which would feature interesting and challenging sound works. With the advent of the Walkman and the Boom Box, the editors perceived a need for an alternative to radio programming and the commercially available recordings on the market at that time.

Twenty-seven issues were published. This is an excerpt from TELLUS, The Audio Cassette Magazine #3.

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