[Oct 1-31] Generative Art ONLINE Course

This 4-week ONLINE class will introduce students to generative art, an artistic philosophy and methodology for creating artworks using algorithms and procedural processes inspired from nature, statistics, biology, and computer science.

[Oct 1-31] Generative Art ONLINE Course

Gene Kogan
Wed, Oct 1 through  through Fri, Oct 31, 2014
Cost: $225 (members + students) $250 (regular)

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tenlegs-logoLocation: This class is held online, you need to have internet connection to watch videos and engage in the forums. Shortly before the class starts you will get a link with further instructions how to take part in it.

In collaboration with Tenlegs, a network for artists to connect, collaborate, earn and learn, Harvestworks offers this class as part of it’s online TEAMLab class program. Online means that anyone – and in any timezone – can take it and make it work with ga8your schedule. Initially and throughout the course you’ll have access to video lectures created specifically for this workshop, a series of hands-on challenges meant to give you experience building your own artworks, and live sessions to ask questions, get answers, and go deeper with the material.

The class will run four weeks in October. Video lectures and code samples will be released once a week and are downloadable for offline viewing. Students are free to watch the videos and work with the included materials on their own time, and participate in topic discussions when they are available.

Course Description


This 4-week ONLINE class will introduce students to the subject of generative art, starting with the foundations and theory and moving towards advanced topics over the course of the month. Students will acquire methods for creating compelling artworks using algorithms and autonomous processes inspired from nature, statistics, biology, and computer science. We will mostly focus on creating generative visual art and animation with interactive features, and discuss special applications like digital fabrication and visualization. The class will be taught with the Processing programming language.
Although the class is aimed at beginning and intermediate students, we will dive into advanced concepts quickly and all students will produce several original software-based artworks based on concepts covered in the class.


  • ga6
    Week 1: basic graphics, frame loop and animation, variables and arrays, mapping and interpolation, basic interactivity
  • Week 2: randomness, perlin noise, vectors, classic generative art strategies and artworks
  • Week 3: thinking generatively, translations and rotations, symmetry, combining techniques
  • Week 4: object-oriented programming, agent-based artworks, exporting your artworks, user interfaces



ga3 You need to have internet connection to watch videos and engage in the forums. You also need a computer with processing installed — you can download a free copy from http://www.processing.org.

There will be around 90 minutes of video lectures released each week. Students will need to commit 3-4 hours per week for watching them, going through supplementary materials, and doing some basic practice and implementation. But as in any art practice, you’ll get more out of it if you can make another 5-10 hours to practice more and create on your own time.

Prior to the class you may also log into tenlegs.com and create an artist portfolio: https://www.tenlegs.com/signup

About The Instructor

Gene Kogan is a media artist and programmer who writes free software for performing arts and researches emerging technologies. His work can be seen at genekogan.com.


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