[Oct 5] Introduction to Arduino

Explore the world of interactive performance and production via Arduino and Max/MSP. We will learn the basics of programming and wiring Arduino, then work with environmental sensors to communicate control data to synthesis and processing instruments within Max/MSP.

[Oct 5] Introduction to Arduino

Nicole Carroll
Sat, Oct 5, 12 noon to 6pm
Class Tuition: $125 (Members/Students), $150 (regular)
Class Materials: see Sparkfun wish list below

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596 Broadway, #602 | New York, NY 10012 | Phone: 212-431-1130
Subway: F/M/D/B Broadway/Lafayette, R Prince, 6 Bleeker

This class is an introduction to physical computing via the Arduino environment. Physical computing is the means by which we can allow our digital art to sense and react to the analog world! The goal is to give participants the knowledge and skills to begin creating their own interfaces and systems at home. We will cover the basics of programming in the Arduino IDE, as well as electronics basics, components and simple circuits, so that you can quickly get started with LEDs, buttons and sensors. We will also spend time surveying a variety of environmental sensors including pressure, ultrasonic and infrared, and explore the functions and applications of such sensors. From these sensors, we will further examine incoming sensor data and methods of sending data to Max/MSP. With these concepts, you will be able to design and implement systems allowing you to develop composition, production and performance interfaces.
This is an introductory class. No previous experience is required in Arduino, Max/MSP, programming languages or electronics, however some background in any of these tools will be helpful. You can familiarize yourself through the Arduino and Cycling ’74 websites. (see links below)


Participants will need Arduino and Max 6 installed on their computer. The Arduino IDE is free, while Cycling ’74 offers a free demo of Max 6 (Max 6′s demo only last one month, so be wise as to when you download).




Please bring your own laptop. If you do not have access, we may be able to accommodate you, but please check with us well in advance of the class.

An Arduino and other components will be required in order to follow along with the class. Below is a link to a Sparkfun.com wishlist, containing all of the components we will be using in the class. If you already own any parts in this list, you can opt to not include them in your check out. This list has been tailored for budget, so other sensors will be provided by the instructor for use during the class.



Nicole Carroll holds a M.M. and B.M. in Composition from Bowling Green State University and Arkansas State University, respectively. Nicole currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, where she freelances as a composer, sound designer and live sound engineer. She also builds custom synthesizers and performance interfaces for performers and interactive installation artists, and works as a technical advisor and physical computing instructor at Harvestworks. Nicole performs live electronic music under the alias “n0izmkr”. www.nicolecarrollmusic.com
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