[Apr 1] Jack Waters’ Pestilence developed at Harvestworks’ TEAMLab

Harvestworks, in association with Emily Harvey Gallery announce a partnership to support the development of “Pestilence”, an interdisciplinary musical theater work conceived and directed by Jack Waters.

Waters collaborates on the partnership project with Peter Cramer and John Swartz investigating the nature and effect of vibration by examining various conditions of resonance and entrainment.

The sonic base for “Pestilence” will be generated in a controlled open studio lab environment at Harvestworks from April 1 – 13, 2013.

A forum with exposition of the results from Harvestworks is planned for exhibition at EH Gallery in Fall 2013.

Under the artist’s direction a collective of artists, technicians, philosophers, and science practitioners will cull from this study of common relationships in wave forms from physics, sociology, and aesthetics.
The presentation of this work will combine analogue and digital elements in an installation environment with audio, video, performance, and public dialogue.  Public engagement directed by the collective team will be a guiding force in both the Harvestworks lab project and The Emily Harvey Gallery exposition.

Workshop and Performer bios:

Jack Waters and Peter Cramer are performers, film makers, and visual artists. They are founders of Le Petit Versailles garden and Lower East Side stalwarts since 1981. They were co-directors of Abc No Rio from 1983 -1990.  They have been creative contributors in film, video, performance, and installation at Mix NYC,  the festival of queer experimental media since its inception in 1987. Recent publications that include their histories are “Alternative Histories: New York Art Spaces, 1960 – 2010” edited by Lauren Rosati and Mary Anne Staniszewski  (MIT press), and “Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Generation”  by Sarah Schulman University of California press. They are recently returned as artists in residence at the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice, Italy working on a multi-media musical opus titled “Pestilence”.


The Emily Harvey Foundation is a not for profit foundation created in 2004 which operates between New York and Venice. The EHF Venice comprises a residency program open to artists, writers, poets, filmmakers, photographers, videographers, choreographers, dancers, musicians, curators, art historians, emilyharveyarchitects, and other creative thinkers, who are engaged in a project of change, and who work the leading edges of their disciplines. At its New York base the EHF has developed an ambitious and comprehensive contemporary art/event program that draws on its rich history, art collection, and archive grounded in Mail Art, Concept Art, Fluxus, and Early Video Art.

The Emily Harvey Foundation concerns itself with supporting ideas resistant to frameworks of easy legibility. Our emphasis is on giving voice, and momentary material form, to discursive and process-based practices. In this singular historical moment, much of what we do would be impossible, and unfeasible at almost any other site. Our aim is to nurture collaborative and cross-disciplinary approaches, while generating a spectrum of alternatives to other more solid contexts for contemporary practice.


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