[Jan 29] Harvestworks 2016 Intern Show

Harvestworks’ first intern exhibition of 2016 presents work by innovative contemporary artists—Anna Pasztor in collaboration with Dung Tien Le, Catie Rogers, Eunsoo Cho, Gabe DeSanto, Ky Jenson-Stewart, Mini Kim—working with sound and intersecting technology. While these artists approach sound from a variety of disciplinary angles—the visual arts, performance, computer programming, and music—they share an interest in working with material realities, environments, and social justice. These artistic responses range from interactive installations, to audio responsive visualizations, to game simulations, to deep explorations in music. The diversity of these works represents the wide range of talent here at Harvestworks and reflects the complexity of the technological field.

::: Works to be Exhibited :::


Transmedia Documentary Project by Anna Pasztor in Collaboration with Dung Tien Le

This documentary project is about the experience of grown up children of parents diagnosed with serious mental illness, schizophrenia. The main goal is to call attention and contribute to the discussion about the topic. The project presents the views of experts: therapists, social workers, psychiatrists, sociologist, and legislators, alongside children of mentally ill individuals. Offering information through different channels helps the viewer compare institutional, oftentimes abstract viewpoints, with personal ones. After all, they are all different sides of the same coin. One part of the project that is currently on display is a video of an interactive website that provides organized data about schizophrenia from the family members’ prospective, and invites participation.

2. Prototype

Multimedia Video Response (first in the series) by Catie Rogers

Prototype, is the beginning of a series of video responses about the repercussions of technological control and refusals of political visibility that directly effect children. The piece consists of a variety of found materials that were once in a child’s bedroom and constructed into an immersive video installation. The Prototype series will eventually to be processed in a child’s video game to teach children how to code and gain more access to educational resources through the web.

This piece is inspired by Aaron Swartz and other civic (h)ac(k)tivists incriminated and killed by the United States for fighting for open access to education.

3. Corporate Slime on American Soil

Sound Collage by Gabriel DeSanto

This piece revolves around the collisions and contrasts of our auditory world heard within New York City sidewalks. Musical accompaniment to exaggerate and explain these sidewalk worlds.

4. THE WAVES : Beauty of unhappiness

Transmedia Video Game by Min-ji Kim

The games focus on the beauty of unhappiness. I am using an object that has gloomy and blue characters. The audience might be reminded how to feel unhappy. Unhappiness is part of life.

5. Kids need to grow up

Video Game by Eunsoo Cho

A poem description:

“I thought I was the same when I was young. Not gloomy. I would just meet my friends and go to school every day. Eventually, when I grew up I began to question my conventionality, and grew away from it. It became something I was no longer comfortable with. I left to somewhere usually. I would stay by the sea and think about sea. When I can’t leave, I just see the sky; sometimes windy, sometimes happy, but I love noisy Seoul too.”

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