[Jul 1] Visualizing Audio with Max/MSP/Jitter

Learn to create effects and interactive visuals using Max 6. Are you a VJ wanting more interplay between your work and the music? Have you been looking for ways to analysis music and audio? Have you been wanting to design that cool sound installation? This class will use Max 6’s powerful audio engine to create, drive, and control visuals with Jitter.

Visualizing Audio with Max/MSP/Jitter

Instructor: Andy Sigler
Sun, Jul 1, noon to 6pm
Cost: Regular: $150, Members & Students (with ID): $135

Pay with PayPal or Credit Card at the bottom of this page!

Max 6 is the perfect environment for both the musical and visual artist, as both worlds can be combined and separated with infinite possibilities. Throughout the class, we will be building a toolset to analyze music and audio using MSP, emphasizing characteristics like level, dynamics, and spectral analysis. We will then create visual applications for these tools, from basic visualizers to interactive mirrors and openGL, using Jitter’s built-in audio objects and many others. You will be exposed to one of Max’s most important features; its ability to act as a media blender, interweaving one form with another, all in real-time.

This class will begin with basic Max programming, teaching the fundamentals and how a patch works, but will speed up over time to cover more advanced topics. While some experience with Max is very helpful, beginners are welcome.

Please download Max 6 from Cycling74.com. If you have not purchased it already, Max 6 comes with a FREE one month demo, complete with MSP, Jitter, and the new Gen.

Pay with PayPal or Credit Card here!

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