[June 15] Left Footprints (WIP) by LoVid

LoVid’s current project, a collaborative interdisciplinary multimedia performance, includes live digital and analog video, sound, movement, wearable technology, woven circuits, biological and environmental sensors. Left Footprints, a collaboration with Tyler Henry that includes contributions from Ibtisam Haq, Sean Montgomery, and Nikima Jagudajev, was developed through residencies at Harvestworks, NY Hall of Science, Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration, and RE Touch Lab.

Saturday June 15 2019 from 3 – 5 pm

NY Hall of Science (Viscusi room)


Left Footprints is a collaborative experimental multimedia performance project that draws conceptual and technical connections between environmental, biological, and electrical signals. The work includes a complex, playful, and layered system designed as an expanded audiovisual instrument. This work reflects on humans’ impact/touch on the earth’s ecosystems as well as our psychological/internal challenges in this era of desired accountability and solutions to climate concerns, weighing action/inaction, and looking at short versus long term existential goals. In parallel and in conjunction we are also examining the ever evolving impact communication and entertainment technologies have on human perceptions of nature, space, time, and the self.

Left Footprints is conceived and directed by LoVid in collaboration with Tyler Henry. It expands on LoVid’s previous works with live video and music, handmade instruments, and translation of media into textile-based works. Tyler Henry’s media art-works, exhibition designs, and coding focus on interactive installations and experiences. For this work Tyler is working with live and pre-recorded data from biological and environmental sensors. These data streams will be used during the June 15 presentation to affect, process, or interrupt the audiovisuals. The biological sensors we are using are designed by Sean Montgomery and will be in contact with performers’ or audience member’s bodies. The environmental data is collected from sensors maintained by Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration at UC Santa Barbara. Interactions with the biosensors will be choreographed by Nikima Jagudajev and will also consider the environmental data as a point of departure for developing an interdisciplinary score including movement, sound, and image. This work also features collaboration with weaver and costume designer, Ibtisam Haq. Ibtisam is working on woven surfaces with conductive materials and fabricating garments with embedded electronics using LoVid’s textile designs. Finally, as part of our NYSCI Designers in Residency we have been working with two young Explainers who are assisting in this production; Uzaiza Khan and Katherine Chauca. In our group of members from diverse backgrounds, we each inform the perspectives and aesthetics we bring to our audience. The technological systems we create are inseparable from our artistic vision; they are process-driven, non-imperialistic, highly collaborative, modular, transparent, and highlight handmade production and tactility, blurring boundaries between media and material.

Left Footprints aims to foster a sense of unity and synchronicity while enriching our viewers’ lives with an innovative, layered multimedia performance that promotes connectivity to the natural world and a renewed awareness of mediated world.


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LoVid (Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus), Tyler Henry, Ibtisam Haq, Sean Montgomery, Nikima Jagudajev

Special thanks to: Uzaiza Khan, Katherine Chauca, Emme Gonzalez, Katja Seltmann, Yon Visell, Douglas Repetto  






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