[Mar 26 – Apr 18] Make Art and Music with Leap Motion ONLINE Class

Make Art and Music with Leap Motion is a 3-week ONLINE course on how to use the Leap Motion as a controller for artistic and musical expression using Processing. The Leap Motion is a small device capable of ultra-sensitive tracking of hands and fingers, enabling the creation of precise gestural controllers to manipulate visual and musical instruments in real-time. Applications covered will include digital painting, triggering musical instruments, real-time communication with other creative software, and getting Leap data into web applications.

[Mar 26 – Apr 18] Make Art and Music with Leap Motion

Gene Kogan
Wed, Mar 26 through Fri, Apr 18, 2014
Cost: $200 (members + students) $225 (regular)

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tenlegs-logoLocation: This class is held online, you need to have internet connection to watch videos and engage in the forums. Shortly before the class starts you will get a link with further instructions how to take part in it.

The class will run three weeks between March 26 and April 18, 2014. Video lectures will be released once a week, to be watched on the students own time. There are no mandatory days to be available, as long as you are able to keep up with the new material each week.

FingerVisualizer2This 3-week ONLINE course will explore how to use the Leap Motion as a controller for artistic and musical expression. The Leap Motion is a small device which is capable of real-time, ultra-precise tracking of a user’s hands and fingers. With the Leap Motion we are able to create reactive and precise gestural instruments to control visual and musical outputs across a variety of media.

The course is aimed at artists and creative professionals who wish to create their own custom applications using the Leap. It is aimed at beginner and intermediate programmers, and includes bonus content for people with little or no programming experience. We begin with a crash course in Processing, the primary programming language we will code in, and move on to installing and calibrating the Leap Motion, and getting basic output of hand locational data. We will create real-time visual applications, explore drawing and digital painting, and controlling visuals and audio with gestures and hand orientation data streamed by the device. We will show how to use the Leap to communicate with other software, controlling visual and audio media from a variety of platforms, and we will touch upon the topic of accessing Leap data from within a browser to make web applications.


GK_LeapDrawing1Week 1: Getting started with the Leap — a crash course into Processing, calibrating the Leap Motion, and outputing basic data from the device.

Week 2: Drawing and painting, controlling digital ribbons, parameterization of visuals, advanced data points from the Leap including hand orientation and gesture recognition.

Week 3: Make music, make art! Using the Leap to communicate with other platforms and devices using OSC, and controlling Ableton Live, Max/MSP, SuperCollider, and others with hand gestures, web programming.


Gene Kogan is a programmer and artist who writes free software for new and emerging technologies. He creates tools for live music, dance, theatre, and performance art. His own artistic output is characterized by inquiries into generative systems and the grey areas of machine intelligence. He contributes to numerous open-source software projects, and frequently gives workshops and demonstrations on topics related to code and art.




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