[May 1] OptoSonic MayDay Marathon

OptoSonic MayDay Marathon
Saturday May 1st 2021 noon-11pm NYC time / 18:00-5:00 Europe

Harvestworks is pleased to participate in the second marathon online OptoSonic Tea event, an 11 hour long event artists from different parts of the world who will perform together (mostly U.S., Europe and Latin America), taking advantage of the unplace of the web in combination with the technology of being able to be connected always with everywhere even as many are still in lockdowns or isolation.

This international community oriented exploration of live performance with visuals, movement and sound will form a wild virtual collage of rhythms, colors, gestures and light.

The entire OptoSonic MayDay Marathon will be viewable via the NowNet Arts virtual venue: https://nownetarts.org/venue

Harvestworks will present these artists at 4 pm EST.

Sergey Kasich: NYC –  sound and live electronics and Tomoko Hojo: NYC –  Video and Live visual + sound processing.  A sound and visual improvisation based on a video score of archival material from the New York Public Library.

Video Still by Andrew Neumann

Andrew Neumann: Boston with Dafna Naphtali: NYC. “Wirewrapping”* . D.N. and A.N embark on a 20min improvised piece wherein D.N. creates ambisonic sound using her Audio Chandelier software, and A.N. interacts with video imagery cut and inverted in real time.

OptoSonic Tea is curated by Katherine Liberovskaya and Ursula Scherrer

Once again in partnership with NowNet Arts NYC, this year we are also collaborating with Experimental Intermedia NYC, XFest (Lowell, MA) and Kunsthaus Langenthal (Switzerland) and have opted for this time to invite different organizations and groups to take over the different hours of the day. These include: NowNet Lab Ensemble (NYC), OptoSonic Tea (NYC and Langenthal, Switzerland), PataLab (Berlin, Bogotá, Cologne), APO33 (Nantes, France), Harvestworks (NYC), XFest (Lowell, MA), Sonic Gatherings (NYC), Grace Exhibition Space (NYC), Vampÿrates & Clockface Orange @ Synesthesia (NYC).

The entire OptoSonic MayDay Marathon will be viewable via the NowNet Arts virtual venue:


(Times in EST (NY) and CET (Europe) )

12 pm | 18 h NowNet Arts Lab Ensemble (NYC)

set 1: Ximena Alarcon (voice, electronics), Viv Corringham (voice, electronics), Cássia Carrascoza Bomfim (flute), Biggi Vinkeloe (alto saxophone), Angelo Branford (guitar), Tom Zlabinger (bass), Diane Roblin (piano, electric keyboards), Jane Wang (multi-instrumentalist), Gloria Damijan (percussion, electronics), Scott Miller (electronics), Kit Fitzgerald (video), Sarah Weaver (conductor, composer); set 2: Viv Corringham (voice, electronics), Gloria Damijan (concept, video, toy piano, percussion, objects), Jane Wang (toy piano, piano, cello, objects); set 3: Viv Corringham (voice, electronics), Kit Fitzgerald (video), Biggi Vinkeloe (alto saxophone), Tom Zlabinger (bass)

1:30 pm | 19.30 h PataLab (Berlin, Bogotá, Cologne)

Ricardo Arias (balloon, electronics), Nicola L. Hein (guitar, electronics), Luis Negrón van Grieken (video / performance), Juan Oroszco (video / performance), Claudia Schmitz (live moving image, live drawing)

2:00 pm | 20 h  APO33 (Nantes, France)

APO33 Collective

Anonymous artists (secret bodies, visuals, sounds and encrypted informations)

3:00 pm | 21 h OptoSonic Tea (Langenthal, Switzerland)

Michael Egger (analog audiovisuals), Asi Föcker (live visuals), Simon Grab (no-input feedback electronics), Flo Kaufmann (analog audiovisuals), Laurent Novac /studio z1 (live audio and visuals), Ursula Scherrer (live visuals)

4:00 pm | 22 h Harvestworks (NYC)

set 1: Tomoko Hojo (Video and Live visual + sound processing), Sergey Kasich (sound and live electronics); set 2: Dafna Naphtali (sound processing), Andrew Neumann (Live Video Switching)

5:00 pm | 23 h XFest MA (Lowell, MA)

set 1: Pied Nu (France): Olivier Labbe (sound), Emmanuel Lalande (sound), Gregory Kowlaski (visuals); set 2: ensemble inedit?!: Joe Burgio (sound), Kristiana Hubley (movement), Ian Kovac (sound), John Voigt (sound), Charlotte Wagner (movement), Andrea West (movement), Walter Wright (sound), Joe Burgio (artistic director); set 3: Callie Chapman (movement, video), Al Margolis (various instruments, contact mics, objects), id m theftable (voice, contact mics, objects), Dei Xhrist (voice, electronics)

6:00 pm | 24 h Sonic Gatherings (NYC)
Jorge Chikiar (sound), Brandon Collwes (movement), Eleanor Hullihan (movement), John King (sound), Connor Voss (movement), Christina Wheeler (sound)

7:00 pm | 1 h Grace Exhibition Space (NYC)

set 1: Veronica Peña (performance); set 2: Hector Canonge (performance)

8:00 pm | 2 h Vampÿrates & Clockface Orange @ Synesthesia (NYC)

Vampÿrates (sound: samples, rhythms, effects; visuals: film, video, slides) Richard Sylvarnes & Bradley Eros; @ & with Synesthesia (visuals: smoke, reflections, lights, digital mapping), Mio Nakai & Andrew Norris; A Clockface Orange (visuals: liquid light projections, animation), Rachael Guma & Genevieve HK

9:00 pm | 3 h OptoSonic Tea (NYC)

set 1: Shelley Hirsch (voice), Keiko Uenishi (electronics), Phill Niblock (field recordings), Yoshiko Chuma (movement), Sofy Yuditskaya (live video), Katherine Liberovskaya (live visuals); set 2: Marie-Helene Parant (live video), Peter Shapiro (live video), Micheal Delia (live instruments), Hans Tammen (live electronics)

10:00 pm | 4 h NowNet Arts Lab Ensemble (NYC)

Angelo Branford (guitar), Kit Fitzgerald (video), Colin James Gibson (guitar), Katherine Liberovskaya (live visuals), Jim Mansfield (drums), Anna Pasztor (movement), Christian Pincock (trombone), Diane Roblin (piano, electric keyboards), Prawit Siriwat (guitar, electronics), Lisa Sokolov (voice, piano), Beth Warshafsky (video), Sarah Weaver (conductor), Tom Zlabinger (bass)

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