[Oct 11] Brain Works by Muyassar Kurdi​

An interdisciplinary piece (for movement, viola, large-scale paintings, voice) centered on memory, visual rhythm, subtlety, and gravity while honoring the futuristic and the ancient by Muyassar Kurdi.

Performed with Joanna Mattrey and Miriam Parker at Governors Island.

DATE: Sunday October 11th, 2020

TIME: 5 pm

LOCATION: Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island, ***outside***

Brain Works aims to unify the disciplines of sound, movement, and painting in an interdisciplinary work that meditates on color, shape, and gesture– one which embodies the spirit of “free” sound and “free” movement in an act of awakening and protest. We dance and sing towards liberation. Exploring the connections between the body and mind, Brain Works develops an awareness through movement with a sort of nerve-dance.

“Blue is darkness made visible.” -Derek Jarman

self portrait polaroid film by Muyassar Kurdi


Muyassar Kurdi​ (b. 1989 in Chicago) is a New York City-based interdisciplinary artist. Her work encompasses sound art, extended vocal technique, performance art, movement, analog photography and film. She has toured extensively in the U.S. and throughout Europe. She currently focuses her attention to interweaving homemade electronic instruments into her vocal and dance performances, stirring a plethora of emotions from her audience members through vicious noise, ritualistic chants, and meditative movements.

Joanna Mattrey​ is a violist active in both the new music and free improvisation communities who’s playing often incorporates textural gestures, preparations, and electronic alterations. She is searching for moments of ceremony and ritual in a modern soundscape.

Miriam Parker​ uses movement, paint, sound, video projection and sculpture/installation to create performance-based works. Her work has been influenced by her experience as a dancer, her study of Buddhism and phenomenology, and her connection to the free jazz tradition.




Instagram: @muyassarkurdi, @miriamparts, @joannamattrey

COLLABORATORS: Miriam Parker and Joanna Mattrey





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