[Oct 17] HWxHAUSMUSIK André Uhl

HWxHAUSMUSIK is a series of live performances featuring musicians and visual artists that cultivates new works and ideas in an intimate space. The main focus is bringing together the community of emerging performers and modern listeners. 

This new series features our immersive audio and visual studio as a space where performances that cultivate new works and ideas are performed live by emerging artists from the community (both musicians and visual artists). Harvestworks Hausmusik is geared towards the concept generated in the mid-19th century that celebrates musical performances in the home or smaller space setting, where composers provide an insight into their newest works.

October 17th 2019 – TIme: 8:30 pm. FREE

Location: Harvestworks 596 Broadway Suite 602, NY NY 10012 @ Houston Street Manhattan.

André Uhl performance combines elements of his tracks and pre-recorded sound material with real-time sound improvisation and experimentation. He reduces his original tracks to their essence: selecting a haunting melody, a grainy bass layer, or a repetitive arpeggio line, and matching them with ad-hoc produced and improvised sounds elements. The musical elements used for the show are taken from André’s debut album I hope the roof flies off, and I get sucked up into space. 

Theo Woodward live visual performance features mixed and processed footage created in Cinema4D, that focuses on nature footage, and old art house films in Max/MSP in realtime with the music. His work combines surrealism, vaporwave, and collage, entrancing the viewer with vibrant colors and changing landscapes.


André Uhl

André Uhl is a musician, sound artist and futurist born in Essen and based in Berlin. André merges noise and synthesizer lines converging them into dark, driving and cinematic pieces of music. His productions combine detailed and spatial audio design with simple, yet haunting melodies. André holds a master’s degree in futures research, a fact that reflects in his compositions and leaves traces in his sound: tales of the hazy past and the twilight of the future. 

André has released music on the labels Detroit Underground and Neofakt. His strong live performances have seen him play at Torstrassen Festival Berlin, Supynes Festival in Vilnius and Les Digitales Festival in Lucerne. His collaboration with video artist Jem the Misfit, the Creatures live AV show, was selected for the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland, and for performances in the Cathedral of Guebwiller, France. 

André’s debut album I hope the roof flies off, and I get sucked up into space.is accompanied by a booklet of 13 short stories, each by a different writer. His single New Oil has been selected for the Listen to Berlin 2018/19compilation released by the Berlin Music Commission. He is currently a workspace resident at Harvestworks.






Theo Woodward 

Theo Woodward is a composer, vocalist, and visual artist. His compositions combine elements of drone, minimalism, musique concrete, and traditional North Indian Raga singing. He studies vocal with Noe Dinnerstein who was taught by Pandit Pran Nath and worked with La Monte Young. Theo’s work attempts to draw the listener into a meditative atmosphere and reveal ornate mosaics of sound. Over years of experimenting with electro-acoustic improvisation techniques, Max/MSP, and Ableton live sequencing, Theo has developed his methods of electronic performance. He prepares sets of loops, samples, and instruments to be mixed and manipulated live to make each performance of a piece different. Theo draws influence from styles of music all across the world like from studies in Gamelan music as well as from playing West African music in the NYU African Percussion ensemble.  He is an active performer and improviser and has worked musicians like with William Hooker and Hans Tammen, as well as playing drums and touring in the band Florry. Theo has also studied composition and Max/MSP programming with Joan La Barbara, Luke DeBois, and Dafna Naphtali while at NYU. He is also an animator who uses Cinema4D software to create colorful, eye catching video pieces. He recently had a sold out art exhibition at the Sophia Lee Gallery in Manhattan and created a music video for electronic producer, LUXisREAL.




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