[Oct. 17] Improvisation and New Media Showcase

A quintuple bill featuring Ikue Mori, Miya Masaoka, Peter Blasser, David Galbraith and Laetitia Sonami.

New York-based sound artist Ikue Mori will perform in collaboration with an electronic music robot ensemble provided by LEMUR (League of Electronic Musical Robots); composer and media artist Miya Masaoka will present her LED Kimono Project which features a kimono fabricated from nearly 900 LEDs that interacts with the properties of sound, motion and physical conditions (video projections by Michelle Handelman); Baltimore-based sound artist Peter Blasser will perform his work Ciat-Lonbarde with his self-invented electronic instrument the din datin dudero; New York-based composer and media artist David Galbraith will present works based on his custom software “lgOpre” that links vintage grid pattern algorithms with vinyl record lock-groove samples; and Laetitia Sonami will perform A historical moment on a line between A and B, where places and gestures are recalled t o create invisible architectures of abstract and real sounds. The real time control of these sonic structures is done with Sonami’s Lady’s Glove.

Saturday, October 17th, 2009, from 6-11 pm at Roulette.

About the artists:

Ikue Mori is a composer, improviser, and performer who began as a drummer in the No Wave band DNA before moving on to work with drum machines and laptops. She has collaborated with artists like Fred Frith, Ensemble Modern, and John Zorn, and has received numerous awards, grants, and commissions for her cutting edge work.

Miya Masaoka resides in New York City and is a classically trained musician, composer and instrument developer. She has created works for solo koto, interactive plant and brain feedback, laser interfaces, explosive powders, insect movement over her body, LED objects, sculpture installations and she has notated scores for ensembles, chamber orchestra and mixed choirs, including Bang On A Can, Rova, Volti, Kathleen Supove, and most recently for So Percussion.

Baltimore based sound artist Peter Blasser makes electronic sound instruments based on androgynous nodes. He has explored the notion of “inner surface” in electronic sound production resulting in the creation of several large-scale electronic instruments that can produce sound on an exposed interior surface. One of his last instruments, 52 modules integrated into a large canvas roll, is a complex system of patches equipped with connectors that make it possible to produce sounds by directly touching the surface.

David Galbraith is a composer, performer and media artist who explores the couplings between art, music, technology and the body through his sound installations, sound performances, video works, self-developed software and custom analog electronics. His work has been presented internationally at P.S.1/MoMA, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, and KW Institute of Contemporary Art (Berlin), among others.

Composer, performer, and sound installation artist Laetitia Sonami combines text, music and found sounds from the world, in compositions which have been described as “performance novels”. Her signature instrument, the Lady’s Glove, tracks the slightest motion of her fingers, hand and arms: through its use, Sonami can create performances where those tiny movements shape the music and environment. She has performed in numerous festivals across the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and China.

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