[Oct 24] Foreign Correspondence 002

A series focused on international contemporary video art, including film, video synthesis and expanded cinema. Episodes premiere on Manhattan public access Channel 4 and via Harvestworks’ livestream, where each episode will be archived and available for later viewing. 

October 24th, 2020 – Time: 10:30 pm

Available on:

Harvestworks YouTube Channel

MNN Channel 4
Spectrum 67

Featuring work by:
Alberto Novello,
Luca Tornato,
Mary Hanlon,
David First,
Dafna Naphtali.

About the Artists
—Alberto Novello’s practice takes place at the limits of technology, where expression is fragile, between invention and unreliability. 

—Luca Tornato is a brazilian video artist based in the Hague, Netherlands. Currently studying a bachelor’s degree in ArtScience at KABK, his areas of research include expanded cinema, analog video systems and live improvisation.

—Mary Hanlon is an artist based in New York whose practice includes filmmaking, new media art and installation. She often appropriates archival footage in an effort to interrogate the material and create space for new narratives to emerge. She earned her BA from The New School and an MFA from Hunter College.

—David First is a composer working with computers, and sometimes other humans, in Brooklyn, NY. 

—Dafna Naphtali is a sound-artist, vocalist, electronic musician and guitarist. 

Alberto Novello
David First
Dafna Naphtali

About the curator:

Dylan A. Marcheschi is a New York based multidisciplinary artist working across a range of audio/visual arts, including film, sound art, expanded cinema, animation, generative video, and psychoacoustics. He is a Brooklyn Arts Council 2020 grant recipient.

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