Panel 3: Make Ready

This panel (or moreso a roundtable) brings together artists who engage in the breaking down of analogue and digital systems through practice. In a workshop like environment, artists will showcase their methods and engage the audience in a participatory demonstration.

Panel 3: Make Ready-The INDEX Festival

Moderated by: Peter Kirn & Victoria Keddie
Wed, August 17, 2011 7PM-8PMDESCRIPTION
This panel (or moreso a roundtable) brings together artists who engage in the breaking down of analogue and digital systems through practice. Issues surrounding, documentation, preserving experience, and media obsolescence  with be raised along with changing roles of artists -as-inventor, place for artists who work “outside the box” and community.

PANELISTS: Byron Westbrook, Shelley Burgon, Future Archeology, Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci, MV Carbon, Bruce McClure, Carrie Gates

Moderated by: Peter Kirn

Peter Kirn is the editor of and, a composer, media artist, and journalist. As founder of the Handmade Music series in New York, which has spread internationally, he’s helped feature the DIY music community. He’s also been written about and advocated open source and shared creative technologies, including co designing the MeeBlip open source synthesizer. His writing has also appeared in Popular Science, Macworld, Make, Wax Poetics, and Keyboard. He’s a PhD candidate in music composition at The City University of New York Graduate Center. Meet him at

Future Archaeology is a collaborative of Brooklyn-based artists exploring the cybernetic nature of ecosystems. We work on public installations combining light and sound, electronics and nature, into experiential environments.

Byron Westbrook is an artist working with the dynamic quality of physical space using multi-channel sound, images, and objects. His audio/video performances under the name CORRIDORS involve the distribution of processed instrumental and environmental
recordings through a multi-channel environment. His installation -based work explores unique and participatory listening formats utilizing common technology.

MV Carbon is a Brooklyn-based musician and artist. Her work frequently involves tape machines, voice, cello, analog synthesizers, field recordings, along with hand-built electronics. She has recently been developing and performing new works which utilize physical computing and sensor-controlled synthesis.

Bruce McClure lives in Brooklyn, New York. McClure works with sound and film technologies such as experimentation with spinning discs and the xenon flash technology developed by Harold Edgerton in the 1930s. McClure is best known for his groundbreaking multi-projector performances that interrogate the very substance of film and its mechanical supports. His work has featured in film festivals and art institutions, including the last two biennials at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

Shelley Burgon is best known for her improvisatorial work using harp and laptop. Burgon’s work utilizes the acoustic harp as the primal sound source for her computer music. Her focus is to manifest the computer as an extension of her harp in a way similar to that of traditional extended harp techniques.

Carrie Gates creates an ever-changing live mix of visuals to react to the music and atmosphere, stimulating the mind and the senses. Abstract digital glitchery is juxtaposed with hand shot, performance-art-influenced footage of experimental sensual delights to create a space of hypnotizing bent reality that is infused with concepts of visual music. Carrie investigates non-linear narrative and performative physicality, set within visualizations of a world of disembodied technological mis/communication. She embraces the fantastic as a means for exploration of perceived personal and societal limits, adding excitement to the atmosphere.

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