[Sep 29/30] Harvestworks at MakerFaire New York!

Harvestworks will present three new projects from the Harvestworks community of makers (2012).  Harvestworks is a nonprofit Digital Media Arts Center that presents experimental artworks created in collaboration with our Technology, Engineering, Art and Music (T.E.A.M) Lab. The Harvestworks TEAM Lab is an environment that provides artists with project expertise from consultants, technicians, instructors and innovative practitioners in all branches of the electronic arts.

John Driscoll:  “Speaking In Tongues” (2012) an interactive series of DIY instruments combining ultrasound, robotics, and microscopic motion used to generate unique audio signals. These instruments can be played by visitors using either Wii Nunchucks, or by manual control (moving a turntable with a reflective foil or wiggling reflective foil in a plastic box). They utilize small amounts of movement to disturb ultrasonic feedback above our hearing. This disturbance is translated into the audible range and directly correlates to the character of the sounds produced.

Daniel Temkin will show his Chromatic Infestation project and other projects exploring how lines of code can be programmed to change visual representation, and along the way, introduce glitches and new patterns of behavior.

Jimmy Joe Roche: In 2012 Jimmy Joe Roche received a New Works Residency at Harvestworks in NYC. The result is the Mad Max Noise Vest. This video documentation presents JJR’s first time using the device.

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