[Sept 28 – Oct 2] Lisa Joy by Benton C Bainbridge presented by Harvestworks and MovingPictures.Gallery

Media artist Benton C Bainbridge shares a week of Lisa Joy at Harvestworks, featuring an exhibition of his video synthesizer, a live AV performance with the synth and an exhibition of media art extracted from the live feed. Lisa Joy is a celebration of drones and the Lissajous figures which visualize their harmonic interplay. MovingPictures.Gallery will work with Bainbridge and Harvestworks to frame the works via blockchain technologies.


Wednesday Sept 28 2016: performance 7 pm RSVP required:  RSVP CLOSED  

check out the livestream at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz6_5rd10zi0uomwBe12KFw

Thursday Sept 29 2016 : Open Studio with the artist  4:30 – 7 pm

Opening reception:  Friday, September 30th at 7 PM

 A presentation by David Thomson of Artlery opens an exhibition of the selected digital artworks.These Singular Editions will be offered for sale via the Artlery app.

Sat – Sun: Exhibition Open to the public 4:30 – 7 pm


Harvestworks 596 Broadway #602 New York NY 10012

Phone: 212-431-1130 Subway: F/M/D/B Broadway/Lafayette, R to Prince, #6

to Bleecker

Lisa Joy is a series of media artworks by Benton C Bainbridge including interactive video synthesizer objects, live audiovisual performances made with the synths, and single channel digital media excerpted from the AV Program Feeds. The Lisa Joy series is a celebration of drones and the Lissajous figures which visualize their harmonic interplay.   

  BentonCBainbridge_LisaJoyW_2BentonCBainbridge_LisaJoyW_4   BentonCBainbridge_SelfPortrait

The Lisa Joy interactive objects are built from antique Vectrex game consoles which have been modified to accept signals from small modular synthesizers. The Eurorack synths generate dynamically evolving oscillations from the interconnected modules. The voltages generated by this analog system are patched into the horizontal, vertical and brightness inputs of the vector display screen. Together, the synth and CRT are an instrument for generating electronic calligraphy. These instruments are manipulated in realtime by Bainbridge to shape oscillating voltages into squiggly lines, sinuous shapes and jagged abstractions and synchronous sounds, by turns raw or soothing.

Lisa Joy is a continuing series. Bainbridge has completed 23 unique synthesizer designs (“Lisa Joy” A through W), and 15 live streamed AV performances via MovingPictures.Gallery, up to 8 hours in length. The September 28th performance will also be streamed by MovingPictures.Gallery, however Harvestworks will welcome limited guests to Bainbridge’s first Lisa Joy performance before a live audience.


•       BIOS

Benton C Bainbridge has worked with moving image in performance, installation and networked media for over 3 decades. He is an innovator of visual performance art, solo and in numerous collaborations. Bainbridge is best known for two tours as Beastie Boys’ video artist/VJ, video synth FX for TV On The Radio’s “Staring at the Sun”, standing-room-only shows with live visual performance ensemble The Poool (The Kitchen, Whitney Museum, etc.), and nearly a decade as American Museum of Natural History’s resident media artist at the monthly event One Step Beyond. Benton C Bainbridge is an alum of NYU TSOA UGF/TV, Experimental TV Center, Signal Culture and Eyebeam, to name a few. Benton is faculty in the SVA MFA Computer Art department.


MovingPictures.Gallery is an artist-run digital art gallery presenting realtime media artists who create electronic art with custom software, hardware, circuits and code. The process is immediate, creating a dialogue between artist, machine and observer.

MovingPictures.Gallery exists to substantiate digital media art. A cryptographic ’hash’ stamps each irreplicable audiovisual performance with its unique fingerprint; the blockchain enters the hash in a decentralized ledger, and smart contracts ensure provenance and resale royalties to artists. Emerging cryptocurrency technologies enable seamless, peer to peer transactions that are trackable, and trustworthy. As digital money matures, ethereal media art will enjoy a symbiotic growth towards the future mainstream.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpOHe_iZixTnS0d8gZxDNr6PqxuzbLk8S

“Maybe it’s time to find a new frontier … It looks like the feeds are reaching out and hitting a portal into another dimension,” Mr. Bainbridge said.  “We’re looking out at the horizon, entering unknown territory, we don’t know once we step out of here and into the new space what will happen exactly.” Benton C Bainbridge quoted in The Wall Street Journal “For Art Hub Eyebeam, It’s Goodbye to Chelsea and Hello to Brooklyn”

website: bentoncbainbridge.com

Instagram: bentoncbainbridge

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/bentonc

Creative Tech Week – Signal Jamming: in Conversation with Benton C Bainbridge http://creativetechweek.nyc/signal-jamming-in-conversation-with-benton-c-bainbridge/

• The Creators Project – Here’s a New Model for Selling Art with Bitcoin http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/a-new-model-for-selling

• Whitehot Magazine – Systems of Noise and the Experiential Glitch Companion: An Interview with Jonas Bers (by Benton C Bainbridge in conjunction with previous Moving Pictures Gallery exhibition) http://whitehotmagazine.com/articles/companion-interview-with-jonas-bers/3483

• Nashville Scene – Benton C Bainbridge on His Work With the Beastie Boys and Super Long Play! http://www.nashvillescene.com/arts-culture/article/13043147/bentonc-bainbridge-on-his-work-with-the-beastie-boys-and-super-long-play-opening-tomorrow

• Wall Street Journal – For Art Hub Eyebeam, It’s Goodbye to Chelsea and Hello to Brooklyn http://www.wsj.com/articles/for-art-hub-eyebeam-its-goodbye-to-chelsea-and-hello-to-brooklyn-1402281727

Thanks to mediaThe foundation inc for their support of this project.

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