Harvestworks 2020 – Take Our Survey

Dear friends,

in 2020, Harvestworks will have served the artist community for 43 years. We help the artist community create and present artworks achieved through the use of new and evolving technologies. Our artists, clients and students change, however, so do their needs – and to figure out how to best serve them we need to ask. Ask YOU…

Now we wish for less than 2 minutes of your time. We are currently in the process of updating and expanding our membership program, and it would be great to hear about your interests and your needs. We designed a short survey – less than 2 minutes long – and it would help us a great deal if you could answer our 10 questions.

While the survey is anonymous, for those who give their email addresses we will raffle off a one-hour project consultation with our Deputy Director, Hans Tammen, who has helped countless artists to get started on their project. Whether it is in person or through Skype, he can give you an idea about the cost, approaches to achieve your artistic goals, the tools you may need, and the skill sets required.

There are 10 questions we’d like you to answer. Most questions can be answered by clicking checkboxes, in some cases you may fill in a word or two, and if you want, the “other” boxes allow for a rant as well.

Remember if you want to take part in the raffle, you need to give your email address. If you prefer to stay anonymous and tell us how it is, we will listen!

1) You can access it here directly:
Survey On Google Forms
2) We also embedded the survey into our website below!

Happy 2020 – the Harvestworks Team 2014!

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