Symbiosis: Between Technology, Humans, and Art

A group show exploring interactive digital technology and its applications in contemporary art. Curated by the interns at Harvestworks, this group presentation will feature interactive video installations, sound art and performance.

Saturday, August 28, 2010
6 PM – 9 PM

A night of interactive digital art at that will include new works by Harvestworks interns.

Hanna Alvgren “Maps in Flux” — Looped video projection

Pia Blumenthal “Soniforms” — Interactive and generative audiovisual installation

Laurel Chartow “Diazeugma” — Interactive video installation

Kyle Kaplan “Prysm” — Live processed interactive video

Gene Kogan “Untitled” — Interactive audio processing

Cristina Molinan “Scintillation” — Looped video projection

Allan Pichardo “Return to Woz” — Live performance with Data||Lore Ensemble

Laura Simpson “Lethe” — Interactive live video

Austin Stone “Phonoride” — Live electronics performance

Eric Souther “Digital Mandala” — Generative, algorithmic video

Sam Snider-Held “Dear Diary: When I Grow Up” — Interactive drawing robots

Liz Taylor “Through Flight” — Prints

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