Tellus-Circe 002 Ahmed El-Motassem: An American Fantasy

Ahmed El-Motassem: An American Fantasy. With Fred Lonberg-Holm, Edward Ratliff and Robert Cimino – Songs and Reflections of Individual and collective Disturbances.

Ahmed El-Motassem

An American Fantasy
Songs and Reflections of Individual and Collective Disturbances
New York, NY: Harvestworks / Tellus. 1996

Length: 63 min.

1. I Want To Be You
2. Song Of Empathy
3. Portrait Of A Capitalist Vampire
4. Confusion!
5. An American Fantasy
6. All I Have For Myself
7. You Deserve It
8. In My Father’s House
9. Weird Couple
10. Israel
11. Song For A Condemned Friend
12. Hide And Seek
13. People Feel Free To Be Evil
14. Apartment To Share
15. Mirror Man


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