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Produced in part through the Artist In Residence Program of Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, published through Innova. Purchase Innova-CD here.

Val-Inc AKA Val Jeanty incorporates the musical traditions of her ancestors Past into the Future. Born and raised in Haiti, Val’s percussive culture is the foundation of her creations. For the past 10 years she has lived and worked in New York City defining her new genre as “Afro Electronica.” The composer, who is a percussionist and turntabalist, uses technology to lead listeners into her dreamlike expressionism of Afro, Creole and electronic compositions with moving results. Her live Afro Electronica installations have been showcased at New York City venues such as the Whitney Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Joseph Papp Public Theater, Brooklyn Academy of Music, as well as internationally at SaaFelden ’02 in Austria, Stanser Musiktage ’03 in Switzerland and La Biennale Di Venezia ’03 in Italy.

Val-Inc was the recipient of the 2003 Meet The Composer Grant and the 2000 Van Lier Grant awarded by Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center (NYC). Val-Inc has established herself as one of the most original and cutting-edge artists in the experimental music scene and within the world of Electronica music

Artist statement:

I strive to create music that impacts the psyche with esoteric noesis.
Thanks to:  Lwa, Haiti, Gerta L. Jeanty and Alexandre Jeanty, the Van Lier Grant, Carol Parkinson, Harvestworks, Sojourner Truth and Anne Sexton. To all Seen and Unseen support and to Life itself. This project is dedicated to my sister “Mimi” (Thanks for your guidance and strength), the fight against HIV / AIDS and the fight against oppression of all Native Tribes on planet Earth. “AYIBOBO”.

1.         Open  Val-Inc: sound designer, didgeridoo and efx.

2.         Faces  Val-Inc: percussions, keys, samples, MPC2000, turntables
Vicki Newsum- vocals; Steven Hall- soprano sax; Samples: Sojourner Truth-Equal Rights Association 1867, Galaxia 1979 P.O. Box 212, Woburn,MA 01801.

3.         Sinz Val-Inc: live drums, efx, keys. Parker Sargent- Poet;

4.              @ Val-Inc: drums, keys, samples, turntables, efx, MPC2000.  Thor Madsen- guitar. Samples: Anne Sexton-“Anne reads her poetry” her kind Caedmon Records, Inc., 505 Eighth Avenue, NY, NY. 100189. Sojourner Truth- “In white America”, Columbia record (mono kol 6030).

5.         Damba  Val-Inc: drums, keys, samples, turntables, MPC2000. Samples: Joycelyn Engle-“you want to improve your speech”, Onair Recording Co., 380 Broad Ave., Leonia, NJ.

6.         Fire  Val-Inc: efx, talking drum, samples, turntables;  Steven Hall- soprano sax; Suphala- tabla.

7.         Musik  Val-Inc: drums, keys, efx, samples, turntables; Samples: Anne Sexton- “Anne reads her poetry” music swims back to me  Caedmon Records, Inc., 505 Eighth Ave, NY,NY. 100189

All songs are composed by Val-Inc. Recorded and mixed at Harvestworks by Sean McFaul and Val-Inc. Additional mixes at V-I Studios by Val-Inc.

Produced in part through the Artist In Residence Program of Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, 596 Broadway Suite 602, New York, NY 10012.

Supported in part by the New York State Music Fund, established by the New York State Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

Innova is supported by the McKnight Foundation
© V-1 Muzic/BMI, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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