The TEAM Lab: Artworks and Experiences 2018

Harvestworks Presents

The TEAM Lab – Artworks and Experiences

Governors Island

Nolan Park      Bldg 8a

May     25        –         October 21,       2018

Saturdays, Sundays and Holiday Mondays noon-5pm

Experience Lab on Saturdays  3 – 5 pm for schedule

Contact: Carol Parkinson @

Harvestworks will host artists open studios, an exhibition of digital media art and provide a workshop and research room to educate the public about how artists use new and emerging technology for artistic expression.  In the TEAM lab, the public will see a finished work of art and be able to experience the core principals, the materials and the techniques to putting these works together on Saturdays from 3 – 5 pm.

NEW WORKS August 31st – October 21, the Artworks and Experiences exhibition will feature new works by Simona Prives, Andrea DeFelice and Ryan Soper and a Fall Equinox Dailybell Event by Brenda Hutchinson. September 22 @3pm is Artist Day with performances by Jess Rowland and Brenda Hutchinson with the  Dailybell  Fall Equinox sunset celebration.

Artworks and Experiences exhibition included new works by Beth Bradfish/Connie NoyesKristin LucasUrsula Endlicher and Bryan Jacobs (through August 13). In collaboration with Streaming Museum’s international programming for its 10th anniversary, we are presenting The TECHNE lab of the University of Colorado from May 25 – August 13th.   We will exhibit the works of Michael TheodoreRyan WurstLaura Kim, and Amerika.  We will also present Carla Gannis Garden of Emoji Delights and  “Portrait In Landscape” that will be showcased in Times Square Midnight Moment August 1-31.

Program subject to change.

Experience Lab Events

October 21 @ 3 pm: Untied — A Deinstallation Event by Beth Bradfish and Connie Noyes.
The installation Untied / United is about the resilience and fragility of relationships. Ephemeral and invisible to the eye relationships bind us to each other and to life itself. During the deinstallation of this project we invite you to participate in (or watch) a ritual performance to celebrate inevitable endings. In silence, while the sound is still live, we will listen, move, interact and entwine ourselves in the threads, connecting art/audience/performer/observer in a unique shared experience. At the end of the end, we will hold a wake, with refreshments! All are invited to attend.

October 13 @ 3 pm.  Meet the Artist – Andrea De Felice with programmer/engineer Danielle McPhatter.  A presentation about Lemon Bomb Face, a mechanized light painting and a talk about how they worked together.

September 22 @3pm is Artist Day with performances by Jess Rowland and Brenda Hutchinson with the  Dailybell  Fall Equinox sunset celebration.

Jess Rowland will give a performance of her interactive Piano Roll, Life This In Find We. The piano roll, a long narrow strip of paper used originally for player pianos, will become a touch-sensitive interface for a completely different kind of musical instrument – one where the paper of the piano roll becomes the instrument itself. This piece is a semi-improvised work in which pre-determined musical material in the piano-roll will be activated by the performer, generating novel combinations of sound.

The seeds to what has evolved into Brenda Hutchinson’s current relational and public engagement practice were sown and nurtured during her early days working at Harvestworks, when it was still known as Studio PASS. Brenda will present work that first appeared on TELLUS and how it has evolved into work like the dailybell project, which we will perform this evening.

She will present excerpts of works from those early days (1980’s) when she was recording stories and songs with people in parks, streets and stories (Apple Etudes) as well as during weekly visits to Bronx State Psychiatric Hospital (Voices of Reason). During this same time, Brenda worked on the soundtrack for “Liquid Sky” and will present a recent incarnation of one of the pieces from the film, Wordplay as it appears in “Czarny film”, a short, animated piece by jacek piotrowicz released earlier this year.

Following the presentation, the audience is invited to participate in the dailybell event for the evening as we celebrate the Equinox sunset with a communal observation and bell ringing.

Sept 1 – 2 Experience Lab with Laura Splan.  Material Expressions incorporates moving sculpture and sound triggered by biosensors monitoring the artist’s heart rate as she knits exploring the potential for objects to embody corporeal experience and to materialize the unseen machinations of the human body.

August 18 and 25th @ 3 pm:  Experience Lab: Interactive Play with Pure Data conducted by artists Kat Carlson and Virginia de las Pozas.

August 11 @ 3 pm;  Meet Carla Gannis, creator of Portraits in Landscape, a new 4 channel video installation opening on August 4th at Governors Island and in the Midnight Moment in Times Square.

July 21 @3 pm: Meet Ursula Endlicher, creator of Two Companion Plants and 2018 AIR Eva von Schweinitz.

July 14 @ 3 pm: Exploring concepts from Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking by Nicolas Collins conducted by Rebecca Uliasz

July 7 @ 3 pm: Meet the artists from TECHNE_Lab and others in the exhibition.

June 16 @ 3 pm: Exploring concepts from Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking by Nicolas Collins conducted by Rebecca Uliasz

June 23 @ 3 pm: Meet Kristin Lucas, creator of FlARmingos

June 30 @ 3 pm: Meet Beth Bradfish, sound designer for United/United, a collaboration with visual artist Connie Noyes.

Artworks may rotate during the course of the exhibition. Visit for the latest details.

About TECHNE Lab

techne_lab is a group show of artists affiliated with the techne_lab located at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. Techne_lab was founded in 2002 by artist Mark Amerika and has served as an experimental art incubator for future forms of creative practice and research in the new media / digital arts. This exhibition, taking place on Governors Island in conjunction with Harvestworks, features the work of Michael Theodore, Ryan Wurst, Laura Kim, and Amerika.

About Streaming Museum

STREAMING MUSEUM was founded in 2008 by Nina Colosi, as a public art experiment to produce and present exhibitions and programs of art, innovation, and world affairs. Since then programs have reached millions on 7 continents in public spaces, at cultural and commercial centers, and

About Millennium Film Workshop

Since 1966, The Millennium Film Workshop has provided free or low-cost resources for independent, experimental, and non-commercial filmmakers and visual artists. For more information, visit or @mfw1966 on social media platforms.

About Harvestworks

Harvestworks’ presents experimental art in collaboration with the Technology, Engineering, Art and Music (TEAM) Lab. Since 1977 Harvestworks has supported the creation of artwork that explores new and evolving technologies. In line with the historical E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology) we provide an environment for experimentation with technicians, instructors and innovative practitioners in the electronic arts. Former Harvestworks’ residents, who have also used technology in their art practice, include established artists, such as Christian Marclay, Luke Dubois and Cory Arcangel

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