[May 26 – July 23] NYEAF: Catastrophic Acts Digital Prints and Video (2014-17) by Ligorano/Reese

A century’s carelessness is now melting away the world’s storehouses of ice, a melting whose momentum may be nearing the irreversible. It’s as if we were stripping the spectrum of a color or eradicating one note from every octave.  – Bill McKibben, January 2006

Catastrophic Acts brings together major elements from … Continue reading

[May 31-June 2] NYEAF: WEB-MINDSCAPE by Claudia Robles-Angel

WEB-MINDSCAPE joints the aspects of social networks (Twitter), surround sound, brainwaves and visual elements in an interactive/immersive audiovisual installation (light and sound), whereby visitors interact with the audiovisual environment by using an EEG interface, which reads their brain activity and triggers the interaction. The immersive audiovisual environment is site-specific, where … Continue reading