[Apr 25-27] David Galbraith: Density


Density is a generative installation of abstract animation with six-channel sound based on a vintage mathematics reference text. Reversing the traditional visual music mapping from musical pitch to color hue, Density structures the sonic realm through constraints derived from the visual domain. The animation is created with Galbraith’s custom software which simultaneously generates sound via granular synthesis controlled by the image track, sparking the interplay between image and sound.

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[May 2-4] Allison Berkoy: Company


Allison Berkoy presents Company, an interactive multimedia experience of stories, games, and performances. Guests enter an installation environment suggesting a living room. They meet a life-sized figure protruding from a canvas, enlivened through video projection, with an invitation to stay. The figure makes requests of guests, discloses stories and secrets in absurd and sometimes uncomfortable progressions, and entertains.

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[Jun 14/15] Pure DatrocessorduinoMOS


A crash course in building connections between Pure Data or Processing and DIY CMOS circuits using Arduino. This is a really fun way of learning how to integrate software based interfaces, custom code, and physical hardware through music! Don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned expert in any of these areas. Examples will be provided and explained along with brief introductions to the systems/environments and how to explore them further on your own.

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[Jun 20-22] David Blair: The Telepathic Place -The Telepathic Machine


Using a variety of screens, speakers, and moving/static objects, the Manchu Edison Film Corporation presents a form of the Telepathic Cinema, as a telepathic film which includes a history of its own invention. This will include the strangely multinational Phenakistoscope of 1832 [literal translation, "deceitful wheel"], and other geometric animation machines designed by the blind color theorist Joseph Plateau. [Jun 20-22] David Blair: The Telepathic Place -The Telepathic Machine David Blair Reception: Fri, Jun 20, 7pm Installation: Sat/Sun, Jun 21/22, … Continue reading