[June 4- July 3] Generative Art ONLINE Course

  This course will cover the principles of generative art, the branch of art concerned with the creation of visual artifacts from autonomous systems and algorithmic processes inspired by nature, mathematics, biology, and computer science. Various strategies for producing unexpected and serendipitous visual forms will be covered, ranging from simple...

[May 5 – June 3] Visual Alchemy ONLINE Course

Visual Alchemy is a 4-week online course for creating expressive and interactive visuals for live performance. Students will learn how to curate and mix live video streams, and manipulate the pixels in real-time, using their own custom-made performance-ready instruments, crafted using the Processing programming language.         Gene...

[Until June 26] Presenting a call for proposals for VR-based works

  Virtual reality has played a vital role in the contemporary digital art world, most notably in the past two years with introductions of unprecedented hardware into the tech community. With these new technologies, possibilities are limitless in terms of how virtual space and time can be transformed, immersing the...

[Apr 30] The Inspiration Series: Jess Rowland

        Jess Rowland will talk about her work Spambot Sound Tapestries. Spambot Sound Tapestries is a distributed multichannel sound installation for hanging audio tapestries exploring automated language and spambot psychology.         Jess Rowland Spambot Sound Tapestries Thursday, April 30 at 7 pm   Location: Harvestworks 596 Broadway,...


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