Upcoming: SEA Singular Extreme Actions by Elizabeth Streb

Elizabeth Streb came to visit Harvestworks today.  Last time she was here was January 31, 1996 to talk about her CD-ROM What Was What is What if?   Her upcoming Singular Extreme Actions or SEA from March 31 – April 24 2015 look awesome.  Check it out!  streb.org

Celebrating 30 years of Extreme Action, Elizabeth Streb and her Action Heroes demonstrate the courage required to travel into uncharted territory with their new show, SEA—a pure Action-Explosion. Action Magic, not with rabbits and cards, but with human bodies careening through, around, and above invented hardware. With the musical artistry of some of today’s best beat producers curated by and with production from Zaire Baptiste, the SEA experience will include an interactive soundtrack. Using Pandora®, audience members will contribute to our resident DJ/Producer’s playlist making each show audibly unique. Bring your friends, take the kids and experience the fun, grit, explosive sights and sounds of STREB

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