[Apr 30 – Jun 7] Visual Instruments & Code ONLINE course

Visual Instruments is a 5-week online course on how to create your own customized VJ software in Processing. We will craft personal, playable, and interactive graphics to be used for music, theater, dance, and many other performance contexts, as well as construct instruments for their creative playback, curation, and manipulation.

[Apr 30 – Jun 7] Visual Instruments & Code ONLINE Course

Gene Kogan
Wed, Apr 30 through Sat, Jun 7 2014
Cost: $275 (members + students) $300 (regular)

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Location: This class is held online, you need to have internet connection to watch videos and engage in the forums. Shortly before the class starts you will get a link with further instructions how to take part in it.

In collaboration with Tenlegs, a network for artists to connect, collaborate, earn and learn, Harvestworks offers this class as part of it’s online TEAMLab class program. Online means that anyone – and in any timezone – can take it and make it work with your schedule. Initially and throughout the course you’ll have access to video lectures created specifically for this workshop, a series of hands-on challenges meant to give you experience building your own artworks, and live sessions to ask questions, get answers, and go deeper with the material.

vj3The class will run five weeks. Video lectures will be released once a week, to be watched on the students own time. There are no mandatory days to be available, as long as you are able to keep up with the new material each week.

“Visual Instruments” is a 5-week ONLINE class on how to create your own customized VJ software. We will learn how to design and implement our own original, expressive live visuals to be played and interacted with in real-time for music, theater, dance, and performance arts. We will focus on the manipulation creative playback of images and movies, and the crafting of physical instruments (using MIDI, Osc, and others) to control and curate them in real-time.

The course is designed for those who wish to create VJing programs with a high degree of control, customization, and originality, for which existing high-level VJing software is lacking. It is aimed at both intermediate and complete beginners to programming, and includes supplementary materials for those who have little or no prior programming experience. We will be programming using the Processing language.

By the end of this 5-week course, you will have your own performance-ready set of visual instrument software!




Week 1: Crash course for beginners to programming and the Processing language. Programming concepts, creating graphics onto the canvas, working with data, and basic interactivity

Week 2: Working with images — displaying, loading from the web, tints and filters, transparency and alpha masks, pixel effects, cutting/pasting and arranging

Week 3: Working with movies — playback and scratching, masking, blending and mixing, green screening, filtering and content manipulation

Week 4: Control — parameters and triggers, easing, input devices, MIDI and OSC communication, audio reactivity, gestural and computer vision reactivity, experimental interfaces

Week 5: Special topics by request, plus shaders and advanced graphics — Taking fast graphical effects to the next level with OpenGL shaders

Requirements: You need to have internet connection to watch videos and engage in the forums. You also need a computer with processing installed — you can download a free copy from http://www.processing.org.

vj1Prior to the class you may log into tenlegs.com and create an artist portfolio: https://www.tenlegs.com/signup

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Gene Kogan is a media artist and programmer who writes free software for performing arts and researches emerging technologies. His work can be seen at genekogan.com.channels invert pixelate


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