1985 New Works Residency

New Works Residency

Erica Beckman

Sound/effects portion of a 15-minute film updating the classic fairy tale.

Jon Catler

“Planet Slicer”
A 3-part suite for acoustic and electronic instruments in a 31-tone scale. Residency will explore the possibilities of creating a score in this unusual tuning system.

Peter D’Agostino

“Double You (and X, Y, Z)”
A four-part video piece for both linear and interactive video disk. The four part structure parallels four stages of early language development.

Charles Dennis

“People in High Places”
A multi-media dance/performance work in collaboration with composers Bruce Tovsky and Bob Telson.

Peter Griggs

“Magnetic Fields”
Residency will explore and produce electronically and digitally altered acoustic sounds for a new musical work.

Shelly Hirsch

Residency will produce a tape to accompany performances using vocal sounds as the sole sound source for tours in U.S. and Europe.

Hugh Levick

“Kick Copy”
A spoken opera in 12 sequences combining video, slides and live performers.

Ginger Miles

A one-hour radio work using both environmental and synthesized sounds for the Texas Sesquicentennial in 1986.

Rita Myers

“The Center of the Eye has Nine Vessels”
The third in a series of video/sound works designed as “meditations on the poetic universe described by myth and magic”.

Pauline Oliveros

“Radio Piece”
A combination of text, sounds, and instruments in a 20-minute work for national radio distribution.

Ann Palevsky

“All Hotels are Transient”
A large-scale performance event in conjunction with the “Homeless at Home” exhibition sponsored by Storefront for Art & Architecture.

Anna Rubin

“Taming the Beast: A Masked Music”
Tape portions of a music/theatrical work for tape, percussion and masks.
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