1986 New Works Residency

New Works Residency

Christina Baczewska

“A Flashlight, an Orange, and a Tennis Ball”
A 20-minute multi-track audio work accompanying a live performance of solo vocals for New Music America, April 1986.

Karen Campell

Production of a tape as part of a musical composition for small ensemble composed of “basic cell structures” of mockingbird melodies arranged in four parts.

R.I.P. Hayman

An “event for a sleeping audience” based on the artist’s research in sound recognition in dream sleep. The premiere performance is at New Music America, April 1986.

Pat Irwin

“6th Heaven”
A piece for dance/music with choreographer Steve Petrinio.

Phyllis Bulkin-Lehrer

An animated film project that seeks to “blend music, image and text” using film, original sounds, and a 180 text.

Karen McPherson

A radio piece in seven 30-minute parts. Residency will record and manipulate voices, wolf calls, and other sounds focusing on survival — Darwinian and otherwise —  for New American Radio Series.

Ben Neill

“Two Dances” and “Mainspring”
To realize tape portions of two new musical works for electronics and ‘mutantrumpet’, an invention of the composer.

Pat Oleszko

“Bluebeard’s Hassle, or, Hello, I Must Be Going”
A sound collage for multi-media performance work described by the artist as “the interpolation of the Bluebeard soiree/opera (Bartok inspired) into a contemporary rendering as a tragic-comedy”.

Vernon Reid

A performance work in three parts exploring the similarities between the English spoken by Black Americans in the past and present to traditional African languages.

Ulrich Seusse

Residency will explore the timbral and tuning possibilities of advanced analog and digital systems in preparation of a new musical work.

Patricia Stotter

“The Beat”
A theater/music work exploring the lives and works of poets in the fifties and sixties, commissioned and produced by The Writers Theater.

Reynold Weidenaar

“The Thundering Scream of the Seraphim’s Delight”
Residency will process time-coded stereo-location sync recordings of the double bass for a music/video work for bass, processed video, and electronic sounds.
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