1988 New Works Residency

New Works Residency

Peter D’Agostino

“In The Beginning There Was The”
Focuses on the ideas and images of the seminal figures of the electronic age. The work was produced on Compact Video Disc.

 Sussan Deihim

A solo vocal piece where sampled vocal parts were recorded on 8 track backwards and forward to create an audio collage. Performed at Town Hall and New Music America at BAM in New York City.

Dan Froot

“The Jazz Section”
A musical composition for sax ensemble, electronically processed voice and various digital samples which depicts the struggle of the Prague Musicians Union with the Czechoslovakian government. Performed at P.S. 122 in NYC.

Jin Hi Kim

A piece which explores the possibilities of MIDI manipulation of sounds produced by the komungo, a Korean 6-string board zither.

David Linton

A performance piece in collaboration with Charles Atlas, involving the application of MIDI technology to a live performance for solo drums and electronics. Performed at the Kitchen.

Annea Lockwood

The construction of a performance system, utilizing a variety of transducers, for double bass player Joelle Leandre. The piece in which this system is employed is a dialogue between the player and her instrument.

Virginia Quesada

A soundtrack to accompany the video “Flying Horses”, an art documentary concerning historical wooden carousels.

Demetria Royals

“Inventing Herself”
A multi-media performance piece which explores the experience and reality of being Black and female in America.

Susan Stenger

“Godzilla Meets the Girl From Ipanema”
A composition for treated flute.

Kirsten Vogelsang

In collaboration with art director and choreographer Keith Young, the manner in which colors co-exist and are worlds unto themselves is illustrated through music, movement and light. Performed at the Joyce Theater in NYC.

Richard Zvonar/Robert Black

An electronic duo creating a new piece for double bass, electronics and tape. Performed at Experimental Intermedia in NYC.


Linda Fisher, composer; Phil Edelstein, audio installation artist; Helen Thorington, radio producer; Shalom Gorowitz, video artist; Harvestworks staff: Carol Parkinson, Connie Kieltyka, audio engineer.



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