1989 Sponsored Projects

Anthony Davis

Songs for Dora Orenstein (1989)
This music composition is a part of a full-length program entitled “Soprano Bar & Grill” in which Ms. Orenstein portrays a series of characters through music and drama — each character a creation of a different composer librettist team.

Sussan Deihim

The Weight of a Gaze (1989)
The production of an audio artwork which combines the ancient vocal technique of the Middle East, Far East and Africa with extended experimental avant-garde vocal techniques. First performed at La Mama as part of the New Music Series, Spring 1989. Parts of this works were also performed at La Mama and at BAM during New Music America 1989.

Ginger Miles

Moisha (1989)
A drama portraying the multitude of complex personal and universal issues accompanying a woman’s discovery that she is a pregnant. Performed live at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City, 1989; also broadcast as a radio play over WNYC, Sunday, Jan 7, 1990.

Yoshi Wada

The Resonators (1989)
Yoshi Wada and the collaborating artist Terry Fox explore the unique visual and acoustical properties of the Brooklyn’s Anchorage. Piano wires, over 100 feet in length, are installed across the space. On one end of the wires, a video camera is attached; on the other end, a clay vase acting as a resonator. The entire set of organ pipes is installed throughout the space to create a symphonic effect. This project was co-produced by Creative Time, NYC and was on view throughout the summer of 1989.

Rhys Chatham

Battle of the Nile (1989)
An interdisciplinary collaboration performance work of Rhys Chatham, Tony Conrad, and Isabelle Marteau. The work combines live and recorded music, video, slides, and dance performances by artists. It premiered at Hallwalls in January 27th, 1989.

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