1989 Presentations

January 24
Composer David Linton did a live performance demonstration of his system for drum-controlled MIDI devices and electronic gates and tape controls.

January 31
Multimedia artist Demetria Royals presented her work-in-progress “INVENTING HERSELF,” an exploration of the black diaspora, through music, dialogue and historical audio.

October 24
Video/audio artist Arlene Schloss presented “Sun Daze Away,” an 8mm travel diary focusing on geography, nature, and vernacular used in the environment.

October 26
Composer David Behrman presented a music installation based on a Mbira/computer interface developed with George Lewis.

November 2
Kevin Jones presented “Imaginary Portrait #1,” a work for radio made entirely from recordings of vocalist Jill Burton.

November 7
Visual artist Don Ritter presented recent video work and demonstrated Orpheus, his MIDI-controlled computer animation/video system, which was developed in the Media Lab of MIT.

November 8
Joel Ryan discussed the myth of effortlessness in the design of computer-based musical instruments.

November 11
Artist Linda Fisher reflected on the creation of “Big Mouth,” her duet for “cartoons, 4 shoes and 2 shoeists.”

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