1990 New Works + Programming Residencies

New Works Residency

Aviva Rahmani

Audio work for “REQUIEM,” a multi-media installation. Premiered at Hyde Gallery, San Diego, CA. Also presented as part of the Spontaneous Combustion Series, Brooklyn, NY.

Terese Svoboda/ Anne Lebaron

Audio work for “ORPHANS,” a 28-minute experimental narrative video. Recipient of a 1990 NYSCA Composer’s Commissions grant (sponsored by Harvestworks) for further audio work on the piece.

Terrance Grace

Audio work for “THE MADNESS OF THE DAY,” a super16 film adaptation of a story by Maurice Blanchot.

Stewart Wallace/ Michael Korie

For work on a vocal segment of their opera “KABBALAH,” which premiered at Dance Theater Workshop, Nov. 16-26, as part of the New Music America Festival.

Shu Lea Cheang

Audio mix for a 5-channel audio/video installation, “MAKING NEWS/MAKING HISTORY-LIVE FROM TIANNAMEN SQUARE.” Commissioned by the 1989 AFI Video Festival, this work will also be presented at the International Center of Photography Midtown.

The Latin American Workshop

Soundtrack for “LOUISAIDA: CONTINENT OF SEVEN COLORS,” to compliment a mural at the 2nd Ave. F train Subway stop, funded in part by the MTA’s Arts for Transit Creative Stations Program.

Joseph Hannon

Audio score for choreographer Carol Clements work “A TIMELY EXISTENCE,” which premiered at Dance Theater Workshop, NYC in February, 1990.

Morgan O’Hara

Audio work for a performance piece presented at Experimental Intermedia, NYC.

Programming Residency

The Programming Residencies are for acoustic and electronic music composers who wish to explore and incorporate into their work the capabilities of computer music MIDI systems. The residencies include a professional software instructor and access to the Studio PASS Macintosh computer’s music software and MIDI equipment. The following are this year’s recipients:
Joseph Jarman
John King
Myra Melford
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