1990 Presentations

April 10
Composer Bun-Ching Lam discussed the sampling processes used in the creation of “EO-9066,” a collaboration with Bay Area choreographer June Wantanabe. The composition was based on vocal behaviors such as whispering, talking, yelling and singing.

April 12
Kurt Munkacsi and Michael Riesman of the Living Room Studio were joined by Paul Rice and Don Peebles to demo “Sound Tools” from Digidesign. Examples were from Philip Glass‘s new recordings.

April 19
Video artist Alexander Hahn discussed “Dirt Site,” an “electronic map of the labyrinth zone of the human psyche and a de-evolution from the neo-cortex to the reptilian brain.” Composer and director of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College David Rosenboom discussed hardware and software for real-time performance, including new applications for Digidesign’s “Sound Tools” and extensions of Frog Peak Music’s HMSL.

April 23
Composer Pauline Oliveros demonstrated the sound and voice processing involved in the creation of “Dream Horse Spiel,” to be presented at the Whitney Museum’s Acoustica International Festival.

April 24
Using instruments he designed and built, composer and member of San Francisco computer-music group Hub Chris Brown presented and discussed “innovative and flexible programming” that allows human and computer to jam.

November 6
Using a MIDI wind controller, composer Bill Olbrecht presented a new piece with sounds produced from sampled vocalizations and waveforms combined with digital technology.

November 8
Composer Robert Ashley previewed a new 88-minute opera for seven voices [Improvement: An Opera for Television] scheduled for release on Nonesuch Records.

November 11
Video artist Terese Svoboda and composer Anne LeBaron discussed their collaborative project “Orphans,” a new half-hour video narrative starring Bill Raymond and Terrence Mann.

November 13
Video artist Kristine Diekman discussed the recording of an improvised musical soundtrack and the digital editing of sound sources used in her pieces, “Super-Ocho” and “All the Bridges of the Boroughs.”

November 20
Software designer Jeff Jones presented his fractal sound-landscape computer-music program, which produced music and animation based on audience interaction.

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