1992 New Works + Programming Residencies

New Works Residency

Alina Avila

“Flotando,” a bilingual play for radio based on the conflicts between relatives of and economically polarized Cuban family, using tools such as music, found sound, and historical sound. To be aired September 1992 on WBAI.

Lawrence Chua

“Behind the Mask,” an installation consisting of readings and in alternative art spaces across the country that focuses on the Asian Pacific Islander experience in America. To be shown at such locations as Art in General and the Chinatown History Project, and aired on National Public Radio and the Pacifica Network.

Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe

“La Blanchisseuse,” an electronic, time-based video homage to paintings of laundresses by nineteenth century French painters, with music composed by Tony Moore. The piece will tour festivals and museums, and will be aired on “Alive from Off-Center,” “Independent Focus,” and “New Television.”

Catherine Jauniaux

“Vibroslab Even,” a music piece utilizing live sound-processing of the artist/composer’s voice, and recordings of performances with cellist Tom Cora. To be released on Cuniform Records and performed at Roulette in March 1992 and throughout Europe in the Spring.

Gregory Kajfez

“Caribou,” music composition using contrasting instrumentation and found sounds. Macintosh hard disc digital editing and sampling will extend the material into layered compositions.

Ben Neill

“Downwind,” an audio piece combining ensemble music with pre-recorded texts, including the autobiography of Baroque trumpet virtuoso Gottfried Reiche, and interviews with female residents of and environmentally abused midwestern town. To be premiered at the Frankfurt Opera in September 1992, followed by a Europe and U.S. tour. Also to be included on the next Ear-Rational Records release.


“Of Angels and Demons,” a docu-play for radio that examines the complexities of domestic violence and the cycles of abuse in romantic relationships through monologues, dialogues, interviews, and music. To be broadcast on either National Public Radio or American Public Radio.

Hahn Rowe

“Constanza,” a dance/music performance in collaboration with choreographer Margarita Guergue that mixes live and pre-recorded music. To be performed at the Jacob’s Pillow Festival and the Sevilla Festival in Spain.

Ellen Zweig

“The Dinner,” a video installation that imagines a conversation between the likes of Einstein, Fermi, and Oppenheimer taking place around a dinner table. To be shown at the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe in October 1993.Panelists for this year’s selections were Kristine Diekman, video artist; Jason Hwang, composer; Ginger Miles, radio producer; Brian Karl and Diana Meckley, Harvestworks staff.

Programming Residency

The Programming Residencies are for acoustic and electronic music composers who wish to explore and incorporate into their work the capabilities of computer music MIDI systems. The residencies include a professional software instructor and access to the Studio PASS Macintosh computer’s music software and MIDI equipment. The following are this year’s recipients:
Shi-Zheng Chen
Mary Ellen Childs
Gabriel Cohen
David First
Linda Fisher
E.J. Rodriguez
Alice Shields
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