1993 Presentations

March 3
Professor Johannes Fritsch presented a history of Feedback Studio with tape examples of live electronic music, including his own work in the medium.

March 24
The STEIM collective presented an informal, behind-the-scenes look at their unique technology and unveiled “Sensor Lab,” a device which translated sensor information into MIDI using “Spider,” STEIM’s custom software language.

March 25
STEIM directors Nic Collins and Michael Waisvicz presented new works for live performers, including backwards electric guitars, synths, samples, and real-time digital processing.

March 27
Composer Laetitia Sonami presented a new work for live electronics controlled by a gold velvet evening glove. Takehisa Kosugi”explored the interactive sound environment.”

April 17
Composers Trimpin and Tod Machover gave a behind-the-scenes look at the “cyber sounds” devices they utilize.

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