1994 Presentations

April 15
Composer Morton Subotnick demonstrated and discussed his CD-ROM, “Making Music (& More),” a program which allowed children to experience the process of musical composition before undergoing training on a musical instrument.


April 24
Sound artist and composer John Driscoll presented the performance system he developed for “Cyber-Mesa,” a 25-minute composition commissioned by the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and the Boston Ballet.


April 26
IMUSICIRCUS: A music/ film/video/performance realization of John Cage’s “multidimensional media feast” IMUSICIRCUS.


May 5
Multimedia producer Ayelet Sela discussed the ramifications of “Gender & Computer Games,” asserting that the games were not gender neutral, but appealed to boys and often leave girls cold.


November 16
Artist Perry Hoberman presented “Bar Code Hotel,” his multi-user interactive virtual reality art environment modeled on the SGI Onyx. Objects were controlled via bar-code pens that shaped movement as well as emotional and psychological barriers.


November 17
Dan O’Sullivan, creator of the interactive phone-in, cable-access hit, “Dan’s Apartment,” demonstrated and discussed systems for interactivity in art.


November 19
Sound artist Mario van Horrik discussed his kinetic sound installation, “Dionysus’ Scales,” and lead a panel discussion on art and technology.


November 22
Composer Robert Ashley discussed the creation of his unique contemporary compositions, which “embrace everything from ketchup to the history of the world.”


November 29
Artist Ellen Zweig‘s multi-channel video installation “Critical Mass” tells the story of the development of the atomic bomb.
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