1994 New Works + Programming Residencies

New Works Residencies

Jane Ira Bloom

“Pilobolus Score” will incorporate samples of the “sonic output” from the spontaneous interaction between improvising musicians and dancers for the premiere dance company, Pilobolus.

Yau Ching

“Building A New Stove” is a personal documentary/exploration of the forthcoming takeover of Hong Kong by mainland China utilizing interviews and sound scapes to create a production for radio broadcast.

Gideon D’Arcangelo

“Mosaic of the Air” is a “hit parade of the streets” for radio airplay and will be gathered by tapping into the Walkmen of public citizens chosen at random and interviewing them about music in general.

Rev. Dwight Frizell

“The Phenomenological Telephone” is a fast-paced humorous radio drama that examines the complex, ever-sprawling network of person-to-person telecommunications with special emphasis on social impact and the unwriting of history. Included in to this piece will be archival recordings of telephone songs as well as original music and commentary.

John Hollenbeck

“Bell Tree Pulse” is a musical composition for percussion and sampled voices written for the Harlem School of the Arts Dance Company.

Rod Lindauer

“Mechanics of Our Malaise,” is an nteractive performance of controlled video and audio accompanied by the artist’s life signs via biofeedback devices – newly developed rituals for evolved technologies.

Ikue Mori

The celebrated and seminal downtown post-minimalist No-Waver will create a new work for sample-driven drum machine.

Brian Patton

“State O’Static” is a film-music project which reveals the complicity of the average workday and narrative structure with post-structuralist strategies, sample-driven music and dry wit.

Michael Smith

“Rear Window 1994” is a sound and light show to be staged against the real wall of a non-descript apartment building to produce elaborate shadow play performed by actors seen through the windows of individual apartments with a soundtrack of ingoing and outgoing messages from amplified phone machines in the building.

Reynold Weidnaar

“Magic Music from the Telharmonium” is a documentary video about the first synthesizer (circa 1900) that utilized power dynamos as oscillators and was transmitted by cable/phone lines.

Reginald Woolery

“Sojourn” is a multilayered video and audio installation that centers on the journey of an African-American, Jamaican-Canadian and First Nation individual who set out to reclaim culturally significant objects purchased in the fallout of the African Diaspora.

Otomo Yoshihide

“Solo”  consists of recordings for compact disc by the turntable/found-sound and noise-guitar wizard.

Sui Kang Zhao

“Alternative Polyphonic Realities” is a multimedia installation containing visualizations and verbalizations of selected religious texts.

Programming Residency

The Programming Residencies  are for  acoustic and electronic music composers who wish to explore and incorporate into their  work the capabilities of computer music MIDI systems.  The residencies include  a professional software instructor and access to the Studio PASS Macintosh computer’s music software and MIDI equipment.  The following are this year’s recipients:  Eleanor Hovda, Leroy Jenkins, Deirdre Murray and Wolfgang Von Stuermer.


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