1995 New Works Residencies

New Works Residency

Jo Andres

Jo Andres for sounddesign of the experimental film, World Citizen, based on the 1992 journals of visual artist Izeta Gradevic in her hometown of Sarajevo.

Tony Allard/Kristine Diekman

Tony Allard/Kristine Diekman for an audio track for Corpse and Mirror, a videotape based on a monologue written by Allard that moves non-sequentially through seven childhood memories of his experiences with language and his father’s mental illness.

Barbara Nimri Aziz

Barbara Nimri Aziz for a radio project that will explore new and creative cultural bridges between the Arab and Western worlds. Components include standard Quranic prayers, spoken voices of children and adults telling folktales at festivals and in normal conversation, and Islamic-inspired as well as innovative arabic musics.

Jennie M. Bourne

Jennie M. Bourne for a radio project about an African-American musician drafted in 1941 into a then-segregated Army and assigned to the Army band. Production elements will include oral histories of members of the band; martial band, Big Band Swing, and Be Bop music; and an allegorical narration of the story.

Blondell Cummings

Blondell Cummings for a score for “Women in the Dunes,” a dance project which explores and compares differences and similarities between an African-American woman and a Japanese woman. Explorations will include cultural identities, traditional and contemporary values, customs and rituals, and family ties and personal histories.


Dandara for a soundtrack of “Urban Forestry Carnival-a Samba Synthesis” an art performance that will combine solo performances of a Samba singer and dancer, as an example of the relationship between Samba and the Urban Forestry environment of Rio.

Michael Dwass

Michael Dwass for sound design of an experimental film, Bway, which explores the urban environment/landscape through a highly personal stylistic walk down the length of Broadway in New York City.

Patricia Villalobos Echeverria

Patricia Villalobos Echeverria for a radio project Grietas (Fissures), an art piece utilizing Spanish and English as elements of a densely layered sound environment. The project will consist of an oscillation between Echeverria’s Spanglish poetry and sounds of public spaces where cultures collide.

Joan Giroux

Joan Giroux for “A Giant Misstep: In Search of Possessions,” an installation  about exploration and occupying territories. The installation will be a network of colorful cubes connected by tubing using a variety of sound material to address the issue of fate and determinism in a metaphorical fashion.

Daniel Goode/Larry Polansky

Daniel Goode/Larry Polansky for “Clarinet/Geese” a collaborative project of two pieces. “Clarinet/Geese” will be a piece for tape and ensemble in which sounds of a flock of geese are used.

Shelley Hirsch

Shelley Hirsch for the stage performance of “Jerry.” Using sampled materials from interviews, period music, and vocals, this narrative tells of a male romanticism gone haywire. Set in the ethnic East New York neighborhood circa the late 50s-early 60s, the story thematically explores evolving cultural differences. An audio version of the performance will be distributed by radio broadcast and Tellus Compact Disc.
New Works Residencies

Paul Kaiser

Paul Kaiser for a CD-ROM on the theater of Robert Wilson. The piece is built on the autobiographical lecture and slide-show that Wilson has been delivering for many years. Kaiser will rescue recordings of the two young men who inspired Wilson’s first plays: Raymond Andrews, who was deaf, and Christopher Knowles, who was autistic.

Sarah Montague

Sarah Montague for “Three Sisters Sisters.” Using as its matrix Chekhov’s play Three Sisters — the theme of which is the struggle between freedom and stasis — the work will explore the role and symbolism of other trios of women: the Three Graces, the Three Witches, the Brontes, Gertrude Stein’s Three Lives, and Robert Altman’s Three Women.

Zeena Parkins

Zeena Parkins for a music piece based on the “other Jews,” the Jewish gangsters living in the 20s through the 40s.  Interwoven with portraits of the gangsters’ lives will be the exploration of RotWelsch — the Jewish thieves’ language from the 14th Century. The piece will use the Kabala, a model hierarchy for organization, as a structural template.

David Simons

David Simons for “Kebyar Leyak” a music epic utilizing digital samples and spoken text of UFO abductions. The piece is composed for acoustic instruments and digital gamelan in a Balinese sci-fi style.

Yosunao Tone

Yosunao Tone for “Musica Iconologos II ” an experimental CD-ROM project that will utilize a sound file generating program, Projector, that produces sound information based upon combinations of X-Y data.

Stephen Vitiello

Stephen Vitiello for “Fantastic Prayers” a performance of music and sound, with Constance DeJong and Tony Oursler. Fragmenting Shelly’s figure of Dr. Frankenstein, the project fingers a host of agents capable of reconstructing ordinary experience and the body. The project will be performed, narrowcasted through a WWW site and released as a CD-ROM.

Nancy Meli Walker

Nancy Meli Walker for a sound track for an installation using 3D videotapes. Exploring the beauty of nature and the importance of the preservation of its existence, the sound track will draw sounds from nature.

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