1995 Sponsored Projects

Philip Bush

Microtonal Piano (1995)
Pianist Philip Bush received a recording grant from the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust for “Micrrotonal Piano”, a new compact disc of works by composer Ben Johnston and released by Koch International Records.

Nick Didkovsky

Dr. Nerve with the Sirius String Quartet (1995)
Founded by Nick Didkovsky, Dr. Nerve is an electrical quartet which has expanded into an 8-piece ensemble. The Sirius String Quartet integrates Didkovsky’s computer-based compositional system with human improvisation.

Shelley Hirsch

Family Matters (1995)
“Family Matters” consists of two thirty-minute works on a CD released on Tellus Audio Series. The first part “The Vidzer Family” is a musical portrait of an immigrant Jewish family. The second part “Jerry” is a sequel to Hirsh’s award-winning multimedia musical, “O Little Town of East New York”.

Michele Navazio

For Sea Pharisee (1995)
The “For Sea Pharisee” is a chamber orchestra with live performers and puppets. The work depicts a Carny Barker’s traveling aquatic freak show with Barker as Noah and the aquarium as his landlocked ark. The underlying metaphor is that of carnival as repository for the last-of-a-kind. The piece is scored for electric and acoustic guitar, viola and cello, accordion, clarinet, saxophone, bass, percussion, found instrument, taped sounds, and ten voices.
Toni Dove

Artificial Changeling (1995)
Toni Dove received an award through Harvestworks from the New York State Council on the Arts Electronic Media and Film Program for her interactive multimedia project “Artificial Changeling,” a romance thriller about shopping, and the first in a trilogy of responsive movies. It is presented as an installation in which one person uses body movement to interact with characters in an immersive environment. The story opens in Paris at the end of the 19th century and travels to an unnamed future through interactions with two female characters. “Artificial Changeling” brings the movie off the screen and into the room inviting viewers to engage with multi-layered imagery and the sound designed by composer Peter Scherer.

Brenda Hutchinson

How to Get to Carnegie Hall (1995)
Brenda Hutchinson received a Meet The Composer/Reader’s Digest Commissioning grant to create a new a composition for piano and tape. The work was performed at the Corn Palace in Minnesota and the World Music Institute in NYC as part of the “Interpretations” series. Hutchinson received an NEA Radio Production grant through Harvestworks for a new work, “Every Dream Has Its Number.” A live version was performed with Nancy Zendora’s dance company.

Exit 3 Productions

Jazzplay Series (1995)
“On The Road” is a trilogy of jazz theatre pieces exploring the themes of travel, time, memory and displacement. Featuring live performances by Hannibal Peterson and the Rebirth Brass Band, as well as a traditional jazz funeral, taped on location, THE HORN OF GABRIEL, was the pilot program for JAZZPLAY, a series of original jazz/theatre performance works co-produced by EXIT 3 Productions and WBGO-FM, Newark Public Radio.

Joey Morgan

The Man Who Waits and Sleeps While I Dream (1995)
“The Man Who Waits and Sleeps While I Dream” is an installation piece using multiple visual projections and a complex audio playback system to examine 19th-century sleep research techniques and contemporary computer capabilities. The work explores the relationship of text and image in constructing various types of narrative.

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