1997 Presentations

Harvestworks for the Downtown Arts Festival
September 1997
For New York’s Downtown Arts Festival, Harvestworks’ ‘Fun Room’ (otherwise known as the computer lab) was open to the public every day except Sunday. During those hours multimedia software and hardware from our Education Program, the Composer Contact Service (an interactive database of sampled works from composers) plus various works in our library from our Artist-In-Residence and TELLUS programs were all available, encompoassing CD-ROM, video and experimental music.

Tirtza Even
September 12
Artist-In-Residence and recent graduate of the NYU Telecommunications Program Tirtza Even demonstrated her interactive installation “Color Blind”.

Holland Hopson
September 13
Holland Hopson talked about his interactive music performance systems from the IEAR program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York.

Troika Ranch
September 15
Composer Mark Coniglio and choreographer Dawn Stoppiello, the artistic directors of Troika Ranch, a Manhattan-based dance theater company “committed to integrating interactive technology and live performance,” gave a public workshop for viewing their work in progress and answered questions about interactive installation creation and presentation. With live video streaming courtesy of Siteways.

Jeff Gompertz
September 16
Jeff Gompertz, formerly a member of the multimedia art collective Floating Point Unit, spoke about FakeShop, “a new performance space in Williamsburg,” and his experiments with “javoice,” a java applet available on the Web “which generates sound from pixel information.”

Albina Stoianova
September 18
Albina Stoianova, a recent graduate from Dartmouth College, demonstrated an unusual sound-morphing program called “Sound Hack,” which brought spectral sound processing to the Macintosh. It was written by Tom Erb while he was at the Center for Contemporary Music (CCM) at Mills College and is currently available as shareware.

Shelley Hirsch
September 19
Composer Shelley Hirsch talked about her improvisation work and her new audio CD “States,” released on TELLUS. Shelley Hirsch is a 1996 Artists’ Fellowship recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Yasunao Tone
September 20
Composer Yasunao Tone discussed the creation of his new work “Musica Simulacra,” a CD-ROM project based on the Japanese anthology of poems “The Manyoushu.”

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