1997 Sponsored Projects

Tirtza Even

CityQuilt (1997)
Conceived in memory of Michael Schwartz, who died of AIDS on May 17, 1994, “CityQuilt” is comprised of two video quilts programmed to allow the user to navigate across an imaginary canvas of indoor and outdoor scenes of New York. “CityQuilt Outdoors” is navigated along an endless stretch of city sites shot from a bird’s eye view, while “CityQuilt Indoors” pans over the face of a building.

Lisa Karrer & David Simons

The Birth of George (1997)
“The Birth of George,” an opera scored for conventional and microtonal homemade instruments, electronics, vocal solos and chorus, was commissioned by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust and developed during a residency at LaMama, Etc. Additional funds were received from the Jerome Foundation and the Greenwall Foundation and it was produced in collaboration with The American Opera Projects in NYC.
Zoe Beloff

Beyond (1997)
In the playful spirit of philosophical inquiry, “Beyond” explores the paradoxes of technology, desire, and the paranormal posed since the birth of mechanical reproduction:an investigation of the “dream life” of technology, from around 1850 to 1940.

Yasauno Tone

Musica Simulacra (1997)
“Musica Simulacra,” a compact disc exploring sound information based upon combinations of the X-Y data of a photo scan or image file using the software program “Projector”. These files are then digitally processed using a variety of algorithms to shape them to reflect the phonetic implications of the spoken Chinese characters from the MANYOSHU, the 5th to 8th-century book of ancient Japanese culture and classical poetry.

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