2000 Sponsored Projects

Nick Didkovsky

Ereia (2000)
Featuring compositions for ensemble and solo viola composed by Nick Didkovsky, Ereia was recorded live and in studio, composed in part by traditional means and in part computer generated, written to include complex composition as well as improvisation, and performed by a classical quartet and an orchestral-sized rock group.

Leroy Jenkins

Squared (2000)
A joint biography in the form of a cantata for live performance, narrated through video interviews, digital imagery and songs. The piece examines two very different cultural, political and personal histories, whose only conjunction seems a common surname, but which in fact, have striking correspondences. The music draws on the traditions of Welsh folk and choral music and African American church and jazz idioms.

Jon Gibson

The White Dove (2000)
A multimedia opera encompassing text, music, live performers, video images and electronic effects based on the life of visionary inventor Nikola Tesla (1856_1943). “The White Dove” uses new media technology to embody Tesla’s radical experimentialism. The libretto by Miriam Seidel emphasizes Tesla’s existence in an intensely creative, dreamlike state, as a pigeon he befriended in a New York park sings to him of nature’s secrets, as he moves through memory and reverie.

Kitty Brazelton

And the Other Replied (2000)
“And the Other Replied” is a sequel to “What is It Like To Be A Bat?”, which looks like high tech, rhythmically exotic punk trio with percussionist Danny Tunik. Both Kitty Brazelton and her collaborator Dafna Naphtali sing from startling 4-octive ranges, play electric guitars, and create cutting-edge computer music as well as challenging scores for traditionally instrumented chamber ensembles.

Ginger Miles

The Hudson River Radio Series (2000)
Ginger Miles received grant from New York Council for the Humanity to produce “The Hudson River Radio Series” for WNYC. The series included: “Women on the Hudson: A Profile of Lorena Hickockis”, “Hudson River Occupations: Profile of a Shad Fisherman on the Hudson”, “The Lower Manhattan Hudson: Meditations in an Emergency”, and “The Marriage of a Boat with Ecology on the Hudson: Pete Seeger”.

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