1999 New Works Residencies

New Works Residencies

Ricardo Arias

Ricardo Arias for the development and recording of Interactive Mapaphone(s), a self-contained instrument for use in interactive compositions. The piece(s) will utilize mapaphones (hand-held magnetic playback heads) reading prerecorded audio from strips of magnetic tape in conjunction with a variety of sensors feeding into Opcode’s Max software and an I-Cube system. The sensors will control processing of the audio material through aspects of the instrument’ s movements. The resulting compositions are planned for broadcast on WFMU and performance at the Downtown Music Gallery in New York City

Gene Carl

Gene Carl for a new work, Patching Kathleen, with pianist Kathleen Supove. Music performed by Supove on a MIDI keyboard will also control sound parameters through Max patches, with the option of triggering “robot” accompaniment. Each movement will focus on the manipulation of one particular sound parameter. Performances are planned internationally and at The Kitchen in New York City.

Peter D’Agostino

Peter D’Agostino for the completion of Year ZERO ZERO, a video and multimedia installation that takes a personal look at representations of the new millennium in art, religion and technology. The installation will be a synthesis of experimental and documentary forms utilizing the image, sound and text capabilities of interactive CD-ROM and the World Wide Web. Installations are proposed for presentation at The Kitchen, as well as in Brasilia and Rome (the three cities featured in the work).

Kit Fitzgerald

Kit Fitzgerald for the creation of Love Unbound; an interactive work for CD-ROM which juxtaposes concepts of “hot” and “cool” in computer technology. Love Unbound is a exploratory painting which unfolds in many dimensions over time. Fitzgerald is a video and multimedia artist and her videotapes, digital media works and live video performances have been produced and broadcast worldwide. The CD-ROM will be distributed by Electronic Arts Intermix.

Amy Jenkins

Amy Jenkins for the completion of a two-channel video installation entitled Worried House, a piece that will evoke the precarious feelings of transition. Her earlier video installations include Almost Home, Pitch and Roll and Trapped Wasp. Her completed installation will be exhibited at the Anna Kustera Gallery in New York City in 1999.

Leroy Jenkins & Mary Griffin

Leroy Jenkins & Mary Griffin for the development and editing of ap Jenkins, a semi-autobiographical multimedia oratorio about family and art. A series of songs will link 10 dramatic episodes, incorporating 3 channels of video, an instrumental ensemble, singers, written text, as well as live and recorded sound and speech. A workshop performance is scheduled for The Painted Bride in Philadelphia in early 2000. The work is planned for both live staged performance and recorded medium.

Chris Mann

Chris Mann for the creation of a CD combining recorded music and Mann reading his text “En route to Cornell…”. Mann’s compositions center around the technology and philosophy of speech. The resulting recording is intended for release on Tzadik or Split Records, as well as for broadcast on BBC, ABC and NPR.

Jennifer & Kevin McCoy

Jennifer & Kevin McCoy for the completion of an experimental internet site about the subjective experiences of fictional characters living in AIRWORLD. They are interested in creating works in which artists and the public can interact to form a common creative expression that is separate from commercial goals. They have completed many interactive projects including a web site on thing.net called Maintenance/Web and a CD ROM called small appliances.

Prema Murthy

Prema Murthy for the completion of Flicker, a video installation and performance. Her work examines the shifting boundaries of a gendered/socially constructed body by remapping its surface through various forms of new technologies. Flicker, inspired by a 1998 news story of seizures caused by TV strobe effects, utilizes monitored brainwaves as MIDI controllers. The resulting patterns control sounds in such a way as to physically affect the audience. She is a core member of Fakeshop in Brooklyn where the piece will be exhibited in the spring or fall of 1999.

Andrea Polli

Andrea Polli for the completion of a performance entitled Gape which includes developing a simple spoken language system which is controlled by an eye tracking device. This piece is scheduled to be presented at the Artemisia and Oskar Friedl Galleries. She is a digital media installation and performance artist that has exhibited and lectured nationally and internationally.

Dean Roberts

Dean Roberts for the development and realization of an audio work intended for radio broadcast, sound installation and CD release. The work has been commissioned for collaboration with WKCR and 5 Beekman Gallery in New York, and Selektion Foundation and Mille Plateaux Recordings in Frankfort. The completed 45-60 minute piece will air simultaneously in New York and Frankfurt, be presented as a month-long gallery installation, and finally released on CD.

Jonathon Rosen

Jonathon Rosen for the completion of a three-part animated variety show on video. He plans on pushing the boundaries of digital animation while including early forms of technology such as analog synthesization and Super-8. His intentions are to create works which are “thoroughly demented and spiritual-minded.”


The following artists were chosen as alternates: Bun-Ching Lam, Morgan O’HaraShelly Silver and Stephen Vitiello.

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