2001 Presentations

Live send and receive broadcast on CKUW, 95.9 FM, Winnipeg, Canada.
Wednesday October 17
send + receive: a festival of sound explores current experimentation in sound through music, audio art, installation, and radio works. send + receive is a project of Video Pool Inc., which is located in Winnipeg, Canada. It is a creative collaboration with CKUW, the radio station broadcasting out of the University of Winnipeg.

Media Alliance Independent Radio and Sound Art Fellows @ Harvestworks
Monday October 15th
Onome Ekeh, Gen Ken Montgomery, Matthew Ostrowski and Stephen

Québec-New York Festival
Sat, Sept 29th – Mon, Oct 1st
Three evenings celebrating the digital media arts in collaboration with the Quebec-New York Festival.  The Quebec media arts organizations, Avatar and La Bande video, will bring three innovative improvisation audio-video performances by artists Pierre-Andre Arcand, and art groups Eltractor and Fleuve to Harvestworks.

Val Jeanty & Keiko Uenishi
Saturday, September 15th
A talk and presentation by two of the Harvestworks Van Lier Fellowship recipients. Val Jeanty integrates instruments and rhythms from sources as diverse as her family’s Haitian heritage, American pop culture, spoken word and chorus works. Keiko Uenishi(o.blaat) combines experimental and improvisational music practices through Max/MSP environment within sound installation and live audio performances.

Downtown Arts Festival
Saturday, September 8th – October 6th
At Printed Matter (535 W. 22nd St.), Harvestworks presented an exhibition of cover art and artifacts from TELLUS, the audio cassette magazine, first published by Harvestworks in 1983. Featured Harvestworks Van Lier Resident composers Ray Sweeten and  DJ Taketo Shimada mixing sounds with the newest release from TELLUS, the limited edition LP: TELLUSTools.

Listen In: NATO Event
Monday, April 16th
One evening of show and tell performances and presentations by 4 artists who have been working on various projects using Max/MSP and Nato, the interactive video processing software.  Presentations focused on the use of Nato in the different projects. Artists included Rene Beekman & Bruce Gremo, Johnny Dekam, Jeremy Bernstein, Kurt Ralske.

Listen In: Bruce Gremo
Monday, April 9th
Y2K Artist In Residence. Bruce talked about the development of a new work “Talkative Gods” which utilizes a three computer instrument concept developed by composer Bruce Gremo and video Artist Rene Beekman. This work uses independent real time DSP improvisation in both the audio and video realms, as well as, allowing the two performers to cross route control, so that the audio performer controls the visual and vice versa. Actress and MSP performer is Kyle de Kamp.

Listen In: Leroy Jenkins and Mary Griffin
Monday, April 2nd
Leroy Jenkins and Mary Griffin presented an excerpt from Jenkins2, a cantata for live performance and interactive video. The subject matter of Jenkins2 is based on the artists’ personal and familial biographies (African American and Welsh) and the possibility that, sharing a Welsh surname, they may also share a slave-owner ancestor. Biographical video footage is intercut with American and Welsh landscape and musical imagery. Also on view, a video by Kylie Wright, Harvestworks Interdisciplinary Certificate Student.

Listen In: Drew Krause
Monday, March 19th
Y2K Artist In Residence Drew Krause discussed “Hubris”, a sound installation which uses computer-generated text and Linux-based digital sound processing.  Drew Krause is a composer based in New York whose music has been recorded by Frog Peak, New Ariel, Innova and Bonk records. Also, on view,a video installation by Kyra Garrigue, Harvestworks Interdisciplinary Certificate Student.

Listen In: “The Technology Trend”
Monday, March 12th
In collaboration with Dance Theater Workshop, Harvestworks hosted a seminar on how to incorporate technology into performance and how to use it as a promotional tool. Panelists included Troika Ranch, Three Legged Dog, and The Kitchen.

Listen In: Maureen Connor
Monday, March 26th
Y2K Artist In Residence Maureen Connor showed documentation of “Personnel”, an installation that explores the workplace both past and present. One piece, which makes use of a pre-cinematic technology called “Pepper’s Ghost”, subverts the often monotonous nature of office work.  Another mimics the motivational and conflict resolution videos produced for the personnel departments of corporations and factories. Also on view, a video by Melissa Weaver, Harvestworks Interdisciplinary Certificate Student.

Listen In: “The Technophobe & The Madman”
Tuesday February 20th
NYU Frederick Loewe Theatre 35 W. 4th St. with simultaneous Internet -2 Performance at IEAR Space (DCC174) Rensselaear Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY.  “The Technophobe & The Madman” was the first Internet-2 Distributed Musical. Featuring performers Maya Azucena and Tyronne Henderson, this work combined music, video, text and interactivity by artists Robert Rowe, Neil Rolnick, Nick Didkovsky, Don Ritter, Quimetta Perle and Valeria Vasilevski. http://www.academy.rpi.edu/projects/technophobe

Listen In: “Network Activity”
Monday February 12
In collaboration with the Alternative Museum, Harvestworks hosted “Network Activity”, a launch of new network projects by TAM’s Digital Media Commissions recipients. The recipients included Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Yael Kanarek and Tina LaPorta. The TAM Digital Media Commissions is a series of network-based artist projects commissioned by The Alternative Museum, made possible with the support of a NYC DCA Challenge Grant. “Network Activity” was organized by Cristine Wang, Curator New Media Arts Initiatives, The Alternative Museum. http://www.alternativemuseum.org

Lindsay Vickery
January 22
Australian composer Lindsay Vickery talked about the development of a non-linear model for his interactive multimedia project, “The Shape of Memory.” His song cycle “[descent]” was performed at the MATA festival in NYC on January 26, 2001. Lindsay is known for his work with the MIBURI MIDI Jump Suit and has performed with Jon Rose, David Moss, Amy Knowles, Stelarc and others.

Harvestworks @ the New Museum’s Z-Media Lounge
January 9 to February 18
The exhibition “ Harvestworks.Org/Selected Artists Works” at the New Museum of Contemporary Art’s Z-Media Lounge was organized by Carol Parkinson in conjunction with Anne Ellegood and Kim Boatner of the New Museum. It featured works from the Harvestworks website and digital media works from artists who have participated in the Harvestworks Artist-In-Residence Program and Education Program.

Computer 1 featured the Harvestworks “Creative Contact” Internet database of multidisciplinary artists with biographical information and samples of their works. Artists who are on our database include: Maureen Connor, Ericka Beckman, Terry Berkowitz, John Pilson, Charles Dennis, Arleen Schloss, Ken Montgomery, Molly Davies, Andrea Polli and many others. Creative Contact! was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts, the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust and the New York Foundation for the Arts.

On Computer 2 digital media works included: Peter D-Agostino’s “N-S (NORTH – Sul),” conceived as a website project to explore collaborative aesthetic, social and technological interactions between artists in Philadelphia and Brasilia, Brasil. Peter d-Agostino is an artist who has been working in video since 1971 and in interactive hypermedia for over two decades. He is professor of Film and Media Arts at Temple University, Philadelphia. Yael Kanarek’s “World of Awe,” an online narrative that uses the ancient genre of the traveler’s tale to explore the connections between narrative, memory and technology. “World of Awe” is a production of Treasurecrumbs, conceived and developed by Yael Kanarek, with DHTML & Perl programming by Luis Perez, sound design by Raw Dog, edited by Rebecca Turner. “World of Awe” is hosted by RSUB,The Razorfish Subnetwork, and was a participant in FILE, the International Electronic Language Festival in São Paulo. Yael is an instructor and current artist in residence at Harvestworks. Zoe Beloff’s “Illusions” or “Philosophical Toy World,” inspired by toy cinematic apparatuses from the 19th and early 20th centuries, creates parallel universes, calling into question corporate visions of progress with their digital utopias. Zoe Beloff is a digital media artist living in New York City and on the Web at http://www.zoebeloff.com. She received a residency at Harvestworks in 2000.

On Computer 3: Tennesee Rice Dixon’s “aCount,” an interactive movie which is responsive to sound levels and to precise movement of the mouse. It moves slowly through a memory and a conversation occurring between two people as they recollect a time in the past spent together. The viewer must speak or hum into the microphone because some parts require sound input order to progress. It is not what is said that matters, it is the level, duration and rhythm of the sound input that is considered. Tennessee has shown her work at The Kitchen ’00; Mass MOCA ’00; South by Southwest Conference ’99 and the Governors Conference on Art and Technology, NY ’98. “aCount” was first made in 1998 and has been reworked and new versions have been developed over time. “aCount” was presented in 1998 at the NY Expo of Short Film and Video ; Roulette, NYC; Stephen Gang Gallery, NYC and Harvestworks’ “Screens and Memes.”

Computer 4 featured the “Airworld Security Desk” by Kevin and Jennifer McCoy. The online project displays a database of over 100 office-cams and traffic-cams throughout the world. It creates a live view of the world of work. AIRWORLD is a project about networks, lines of flight, distribution hubs, soft architecture, and global capital located on the Web at http://www.Airworld.net . Jennifer and Kevin McCoy are collaborators residing in New York City. For the last several years they have been making interactive computer installations as well as videotapes and Net art. They received a Harvestworks Artist In Residence grant in 1999.

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