2002 Sponsored Projects

Naomi Grossman

Reminiscence, Shreds of Memory (2002)
“Reminiscence, Shreds of Memory” is a mixed-media art which combines sculpture and audio to represent an often overlooked population in our society, the elderly. The installation consists of audio recordings of each participant, sculptures of the hands of senior citizens to which the artist adds wax, shredded paper, and images of participants printed on transparencies and embedded between two thin sheets of Plexiglas.

Nick Didkovsky

Bone: Uses Wrist Grab (2002)
This is the first album by guitarist Nick Didkovsky, bassist Hugh Hopper and drummer John Roulat, composed by Nick Didkovsky and Hugh Hopper. Electronics such as synth and tape loops, played by Hopper, and digitally based computer software instruments played by Didkovsky produce wailing, distorted guitars, and driving rhythms delineate compositions that are brilliantly constructed, compelling and concise.

Zoe Beloff

The Influencing Machine of Miss Natalija A (2002)
An interactive video installaion inspired by the Vienese psychoanalyst Victor Tausk’s account of Miss Natalija A, who believed that her mind and body were being manipulated by a mysterious electrical apparatus operated secretly by physicians in Berlin. The installation consists of a large stereoscopic diagram simulating the “Influencing Machine”, placed on the floor. Inside it is a small frosted glass panel onto which video images are projected according to the participant’s interaction.

Pat Oleszko

Kneepoleon (2002)
In this work, the vision of Napoleon is seen as Kneepoleon, a character devised entirely from the human knee down. The film is a fleeting series of flashbacks of moments of glory: the coronation, the many battles and marches, moments at sea, the snowy battles in Russia, Waterloo, and final exile in St Helena.

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