2003 New Works Residencies

New Works Residencies

Mary Flanagan

Mary Flanagan (Web) for the development of [familiar relativity], a web project concerned with environments, surveillance and natural / physical bodies that involves technology as a way to view or control the organic in real time. A feminist who utilizes both creative practice and criticism to explore the intersection of gender and technology, Mary is occupied with the social implications of ubiquitous computing and computer culture as it relates to the personal. She presently lives and works in Oregon.

Chris Mann

Chris Mann (Music) for the development of audio recordings that capture the results of a process that uses Max/MSP to parse phonemes in realtime speech and then spatialize the results. During the residency Chris will record three pieces for solo voice using a 5.1 Surround Sound microphone array as well as a Neumann Kunstkopf dummyhead for a stereo mix. He was an Artist in Residence at Harvestworks and at the Rennselear iEAR studios in 1999, and more recently at Engine 27.

Torsten Zenas Burns

Torsten Zenas Burns (Film/Video) for the development of Residency, an experimental videotape that involves the creation of an alternative fictional space agency. The tape will investigate various themes including space sexuality, space medicine/disease/neurosis and space-art/curation/slapstick. The work will be shown in California at the Pacific Film Archive and in New York at Electronic Arts Intermix.

Carly Ptak

Carly Ptak (Music) for developing material that is entirely based on voice input that is modified and filtered using a number of instruments, sensors and processors, possibly even sensors that respond to mouth movements. In addition to releasing an LP or CD of the work, public performances are planned for Free 103.9 in Brooklyn and the Red Room in Baltimore, MD. Carly is based in Baltimore and has toured the US and Europe with several electronic music festivals, artists and groups.

Alison Crocetta

Alison Crocetta (Installation/Performance) for the production of three short Super 8 films. These will focus on the human head and its relationship to an environment constructed of fabric. Holes in the environment will accommodate head and hands as they engage in actions that investigate the transformation of matter and its impact on the built environment. Alison is a Brooklyn-based artist who regards her art practice as a vehicle to make inquiries into the intangible aspects of human experience. The new work will be exhibited at the Bronx Museum in 2003.

Qasim Ali Naqvi

Qasim Ali Naqvi (Music) for work on Furial, a performance-based project centered on the relationship between classical South Asian percussion and dance forms and interactive sensor-based sampling and sequencing environments. Furial will be featured as part of a residency at the Kitchen’s New Dance Research series in the spring. In the fall, New York-based Qasim will continue work on the project as Composer in Residence at the Northwestern University Performance/New Media Studies Program.

Kira Lynn Harris

Kira Lynn Harris (Film/Video) for producing a video which will show the play of sunlight on various buildings in New York and a companion sound piece to be recorded in an overpass in Queens where sounds reflect off surfaces in strange and particular patterns. Kira has been an artist in residence at numerous venues including The Studio Museum in Harlem and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s World Views residency at the World Trade Center.

Matthew Ostrowski

Matthew Ostrowski (Web) for development of a new data transformation program for the internet. Matthew, who lives and works in New York City, observes that, as the World Wide Web has expanded, the vast amount of information has essentially become just another source of noise. In this project he simplifies the incredible complexity of this overwhelming tsunami of information by turning a data stream from a web-crawler into actual audio noise. The work will eventually appear on the web and possibly as an audio/visual gallery installation.

Shelly Hirsch

Shelly Hirsch (Engine 27) for multi-channel installation of Wandering Jews, a historical multimedia collage and a confrontation with popular notions of Jewishness. As a sound installation at Engine 27, the piece will use original music, sound recordings and interviews to follow the paths of two very different people from the artist’s life. The recipient of many awards, grants, fellowships and residencies, Shelly has presented her own work throughout the US and Europe, and lives and works in New York City.

Jerome Annum

Jerome Annum (Music) for the creation of a 5.1 Surround Sound video DVD with sounds and video footage collected through digital field recordings of New York City. The materials will all be processed and manipulated in order to alternatively clash, work in concert or just peacefully co-exist with each other, much like the various communities of the city itself. Jerome plans to produce a CD of the work and possibly broadcast it from a vehicle moving through the city streets.

Miya Masaoka

Miya Masaoka (Engine 27 Collaboration) for a new site-responsive work for multi-channel speakers using acoustic and processed sounds of the Japanese koto. Masaoka will use koto techniques and gestures — including plucking, bowing, scraping, harmonics, string bending and pulling — and the digital processing of samples to create a score that transforms the space of Engine 27 into an enormous koto. Miya is a musician, composer and sound artist who has been commissioned by the Zellerback Family fund, the ROVA Saxophone Quartet and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Myra Melford

Myra Melford (Music) for the development of the live interactive music performance system to use with My Face of Us All, a full length multi-media work with choreographer Dawn Saito and architect Michael Haberz. This work was first workshopped in Graz, Austria in the fall of 2000 as part of the Sytrian Autumn Arts Festival. Myra is a composer currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Ursel Schlicht

Ursel Schlicht (Music)  will record a soundtrack for the 1926 silent film Faust by Murnau. Ursel is a pianist-composer-improviser who has created music for other classic silent film such as Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The work will be performed at the Kulturhaus Dock 4 in Kassel, Germany in the fall of 2003 and simultaneously broadcast on Freies Radio Kassel and Hessischer Rundfunk.

Wago Kreider

Wago Kreider (Film/Video) for post-production support for Menagerie of the City which examines the animal’s life of New York City’s parks, lakes, refuges, gardens and coastal areas in relation to the urban environment. This imagery and sounds will be juxtaposed with human activity as it is shared by the urban community. The video will premiere at the Langston Hughes Cultural Center in May 2003. Wago has shown his work at Hallwalls, Visual Studies Workshop, Squeeky Wheel, the Pleasuredome, Remote Lounge and the Kitchen.

Ana Busto

Ana Busto (Installation) for the completion of Boxing in Cuba, which features images and sound from some of the best boxers in Cuba. Because of the lack of freedom in Cuba, this is a remarkable collection of personal material and will be shown be shown at the Walker Art Center in July 2003, as well as in Brazil and in Havana, Cuba.  Ana’s previous work, Night Flights,  was shown in New York and Europe.

Haeyoung Kim

A sound designer, composer, and audio engineer, Haeyoung Kim explores the territory of sounds and their cultural representation. Before working with various audio technology for Bong+Dern, with MTV and Scholastic, she was a member of the electronic pop-band, Zia and performed with custom made midi triggers. Currently, under the name bubblyfish, she has been creating “lo-fi”, 8-bit sound works and minimal electronic compositions. Kim’s work has been presented in various art venues, clubs, and galleries including The American Museum of the Moving Image, the Eyebeam Moving Image Symposium, the New Museum and also heard on “Spinning On Air”, WNYC Radio, Radio Patapoe in Amsterdam as well as Spongefork Radio on the web.

Michelle Nagai

Michelle Nagai is an electroacoustic composer and improviser whose interdisciplinary approach utilizes a myriad of physical and aural elements in the creation of site-specific performances, radio broadcasts, and installations. She engages the viewer into the listening process itself and with the immediacy of the sound environment. In addition to recent electronic music compositions for CD and radio, Nagai’s catalog of works includes numerous compositions that feature live acoustic performance, natural environments, costume objects, found objects, dance, theater, sculpture, and video. Her work and collaborations have been shown at P.S.122, CBGB Gallery, Access Theater, and various venues in NY, MA, VT, and Canada.
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