2002 Presentations

Yael Kanarek
February 25
Web artist Yael Kanarek will present her collaboaration with composer Yoav Gal to develop “Music for World of Awe.” Mr. Gal based his compositions on selected passages from the traveler’s journal, digitally manipulating the voice of soprano Sarah Rivkin.

March 1
An investigation into improvisation, form and presentation in multi-site, network-based performance, composer-improvisers and technologists will come together to create a dynamic, stuctured, experimental sonic exploration on the Web and in real space. Participants include Nicholas Didkovsky, Dafna Naphtali, Leroy Jenkins, Helen Thorington at Harvewsworks and Jesse Gilbert, Wadada Leo Smith, and Mark Trayle at Cal Arts.

Pamela Z and Maritess Zurband
March 4
Composer/performer Pamela Z will discuss her performance and recorded works, and perform pieces for voice, Max/MSP, and the Body/Synth gesture controller. Included will be “Metal/Vox/Water,” a work for live performance and video which includes some of the Max patches she developed during her August 2001 Harvestworks residency.

Naomi Ben Shahar and David Watson
March 11
Shahar presents her video, “Floating Inside Out (WTC)”, which records a party on the 91st floor of the World Trade Center. The camera captured the city lights below and the movements of the party participants in the dark. The piece was created in September during a World Views Residency at the WTC. Naomi Ben Shahar’s work examines the intersection of physical and inner reality through the elemental vocabulary of the photographic image: light, reflections, materials.
David Watson performs something akin to what he has been recording during his Harvestworks residency and focuses on his relationship with the bagpipe, including all the little squeaks and gurgles, and explores the possibilities for long-form drone, micro-tonal and cyclical compositions which are both contemporary and also rooted in the pre-renaissance past.

Josely Carvalho and Laetitia Sonami
March 25
Brazilian born Josely Caravalho will present and talk about “Book of Roofs,” an ongoing media installation project that includes a Web site (www.book-of-roofs.net) and realtime installations. The project’s foundation is built on the traditional Colonial-style clay roof that is a basic element in the construction of Brazilian dwellings in other parts of he world. “Book of Roofs” is sponsored by NYFA and supported by Creative Capital Foundation (2000) and NYSCA (2001-02). Interactive musician Laetitia Sonami will present excerpts of recent reordings she has produced at Harvestworks. Her work has been performd throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Jeffrey Lependorf/Luca Buvoli and Ina Archer
April 8
Jeffrey Lependork and Luca Buvoli team up to present glimpses of “Around, Around, and Away: Not-a-Superhero and the Myth of New York,” their multimedia installation created for the Queens Museum of Art. Listen to the tale of Not-a-Superhero’s old-fashioned radio and watch him zoom around the Unisphere through a very special telescope. Ina Archer presents her multi-chanel video installation titled “Hattie McDaniel: Or A Credit to the Motion Picture Industry.” Archer’s work examines this brief clip of the ceremony and explores thouights about image ownership and film representation of black women.

Lemur (League of Electronic Musical Robots)
April 15
Lemur is a group of artists, organized by Eric Singer, who have created an orchestra of robotic musical instruments. These instruments are playable under computer control and by human performers using electronic interfaces. Initial designs focused on percussive and string instruments ultimately for use by new music composers. In collaboration with Madagascar Institute.

Wolf Eyes
April 22
Since 1997, Michigan’s Wolf Eyes have been experimenting in modified electronics and crude tape manipulations. They will be performing a short set and demonstrating their homemade instruments as well as a showing of their many handmade cassette and CD releases.

Kathy Roses
April 29
Roses presents excerpts from “The Vocabulary of the Veils,” a performance work incorprating video. Kathy Rose has been working with performance, film and video since 1982.

Manfred Stahnke
May 3-6
World premiere of Manfred Stahnke’s Internet opera “Orpheus Crystal,” utilizing the potential of computers and global networks. Based on George Hajdu’s quintet.net software. Commissoned by the City of Munich and the Siemens Art Program, a coproduction of the Munich Biennale and the Siemens Art Program.

Danny Hobart and Christopher DeLaurenti
September 16
Sound artist Christopher DeLaurenti will discuss the concept of the aural safari: sound art made from field recordings that convey the (sometimes dangerous) act of hunting sound. He’ll present excerpts from several aural safaris including “cocaine,” “N30: Live at the WTO Protest,”and “Your 3 minute Mardi Gras,” as well as a new work to be completed in Harvestworks’ studio. Danny Hobart will present “Debut,” a new video that first premiered in March of this year at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

Onome Ekeh and Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga
October 7
Onome Ekeh New York-based writer/filmmaker and Artist-in-Residence Onome Ekeh is currently focused on creatng sound design-based work in the theater. For this event, she will present “lovemad,” a “sound-cinema event” (for radio broadcast/CD release) conceived as a love story in five parallel universes. Each part is thematically linked by neurological disorders, cybernetic insect behavior and religious ecstacy. Artist-in-Residence Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga will present “Cart 2: Vagamundo,” a virtual and physical public art project that investigates the Latin American illegal immigrant population in New York City through the use of a video game installed in a mobile, street vendor-style cart. Audience members will be invited to play the game during the presentation. A description of the online version of the project is available at: http://www.ambriente.com/cart/

Monique Buzzarte and Kristin Nordeval
October 17
“send + receive: a festival of sound” presents an international streaming program featuring multi-city collaborative performances, DJs, live music, radio and audio art. This program will be presented live at Harvestworks by composers Monique Buzzarte and Kristin Nordeval, with simultaneous broadcasts over the Internet and throughout Winnipeg, Canada on CKUW 95.9 fm. Visit http://www.sendandreceive.org for updates and current information. Sponsored by send + receive, CKUW, Video Pool and Harvestworks.

Jay Critchley and Nadine Robinson
October 28
2001 Artist-in-Residence Jay Critchley will screen his film “Toilet Treatments,” a “dank” comedy featuring Katrina, a psychologically repressed Midwesterner whose spiritual journey takes her to a seaside town where she confronts her demons, her father and her subconscious in an abandoned backyard septic tank. The film won first place in the HBO Audience Award for short feature at the Provincetown International Film Festival 2002.
Artist-in-Residence Nadine Robinson will present a video documentation of work from her World Views residency at the World Trade Center and the TEMPO show at MOMA QNS. The documentation includes Robinson’s interviews with workers at the World Trade Center, where she questioned them about their jobs and private lives.

November 3
Harvestworks is pleased to present Interaxis, an investigation into improvisation, form and presentation in multi-site, network-based performance. Composer-improvisers and technologists will come together to create a dynamic, structured, experimental sonic exploration on the web and in real space. A collaboration with New Radio and Performing Arts presented at Engine 27. Partially funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Radical Software Group (RSG) and BEIGE
November 11
Representatives from the Radical Software Group (RSG) and BEIGE programming ensembles will review their recent work and collaborations. The Radical Software Group is a collective of net.artists who’s last work, “Carnivore”, uses TCP/IP data to create visual and sonic landscapes. BEIGE is a collective of software artists whose fascination with obsolete computers have led them to produce DJ battle records, hacked Nintendo games and internet software. Topics include the history of 8-bit graphics, Guns n’ Roses [1987-1991], hacking video games, new swing jack, TCP/IP protocol, packet sniffing, net.art & the Boo-Yaa Tribe.

Anne Wellmer
November 17
Anne Wellmer, an interactive music composer currently working on her graduate studies in composition at Wesleyan University, will perform “Travelling Barefoot,” an improvising environment for two musicians, two Powerbooks and video. She will also perform “dea ex macchina medea ex,” a solo work for a woman in a space. Support for this presentation was provided by Meet The Composer.

Toni Dove
November 23
This fall, Bustlelamp Productions and Cycling ’74 are pleased to announce the release of a single scene from the interactive movie/performance “Spectropia” by Toni Dovem. A work in progress, “Spectropia” will exist in two versions: a cinema scale performance for an audience and a DVD/internet experience for home use. Toni Dove will present an Interactive Cinema DVD, called “Sally or the Bubble Burst, ” which features the scene from the larger work. In the DVD, a viewer uses a combination of mouse rollover and a USB microphone to talk with Sally in an interactive conversation that incorporates speech recognition and synthesis. Sing to Sally to create and transform a bubble dance, move Sally’s body with the mouse and talk to objects in Sally’s dressing room that respond with sound and spoken word.

Taketo Shimada and Ray Sweeten 
November 25
Van Lier Resident Taketo Shimada will make an invisible history of electronic music visible by using four turntables with his collaborator Toshio Kajiwara. The work is titled “Center for Advanced Research in Music and Electronics” – your brain won’t freeze but you may get a head rush. 100% vinyl, no reissues, no cds. Ray Sweeten will present new compositional works produced during his Harvestworks Van Lier Fellowship. The work combines structured electro-acoustic improvisation, isolated sounds and graphic experimentation utilizing analog technology. There will be a brief description of the piece followed by a live demonstration of the multi-purpose LP.

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